WTF Is Going On In North Carolina? Another New Worthless Bill

Author: April 7, 2013 1:48 pm

I can't make you love me

North Carolina’s proposed, “Healthy Marriage Act,” is amending their current divorce law by extending the hold from a one-year wait to a two-year wait, before a divorce can be final.

Yes. If you live in North Carolina, the Republican government wants all of you — your body, your religion, your voting rights, and your marital status.

They continue to pass horrendous anti-choice laws, one of them forcing a women wanting an abortion to view an ultrasound of the fetus and be lectured on it. They go one step further into, “Are You Kidding Me Land,’ by requesting the this be done four hours before the procedure.

Now, in the last few weeks:

In many divorces, the spouse initiating a divorce has contemplated leaving for an average of two years before taking action. You can’t force people to love each other. And how about a marriage where one spouse is blatantly cheating. Or worse, what about a women –or man – in an emotionally abusive marriage (assuming physical abuse would be cause for exemption.) This law makes it much easier for the abusive partner to control their spouse’s life, finances and happiness for one more year.

What is up with North Carolina?

Explanation: Republicans gained full, veto-proof, control of the North Carolina government after the 2012 elections. They can do whatever they want. And North Carolina citizens are forced to pay for these bozos to come up with bogus, and often unconstitutional, laws. Is there some kind a weekly bill-proposing quota? Do they get paid extra?

This two-year hold on a divorce states:

During the two-year waiting period, the husband and wife have each completed courses on (i) improving communication skills and (ii) conflict resolution. Courses required by this subdivision do not have to be completed together as a couple.

Given how well the NC Republicans are divorcing themselves from the Constitution, basic civil rights, and from sanity, perhaps they can take the same courses in communication skills and conflict resolution. But we’ll take the high road, and exempt them from waiting two years before leaving.


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  • White Man Syndrome.

    As a white man, it does not bother me. Why?
    1) It is true.
    And 2) I have thick skin.
    As to North Carolina, I say this could be wonderful for the Nation. I pity the Tarheels though. They get to live out the Social Experiment/Theocracy that the rest of the Nation will see devolve out, and the rest of us will remember.

    I wonder how long it will be before recall elections are made illegal in North Carolina?

  • Maybe NC Republican voters will now think twice when they vote in 2016. This is what happens when you vote for religious fundamentalists for state legislatures. I heard one of those new (young) Republican legislators state that he doesn’t think there is any Constitutional separation of church and state. If the current crop of GOP politicians have their way, the whole country would be like NC. Forget about secular law – God gave them a mandate (or so they believe) to turn the USA into a theocracy. America had better wake up. The danger to our democracy and the decency of our country does not come from foreign nations. It is completely home brewed and only one political party is responsible.

  • Good, let it stand! Maybe NC residence (particularly the women) will think twice before they get married. They’ll be ‘virgins’ (wink) ’till death! :)

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