New French Law Covers 100% Of Abortions And Teen Birth Control


Abortion and Contraception Free In France. 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men, 100% will never get pregnant.

From The HP Alliance.

April 1, France enacted a law allowing women’s abortion costs to be fully covered. The new law also pays 100% of birth control for teens 15-18. President François Hollande promised to extend women’s healthcare, in his campaign, and reduce the number of abortions in France.

According to France 24:

The French state will reimburse 100 percent of the cost of abortions beginning April 1, while girls aged between 15 and 18 will be offered access to free and anonymous birth control. The change comes as a law approved in late 2012 comes into force.

Until now, French women over 18 could only receive up to 80 percent of the cost of the procedure, which can run up to 450 euros.

Contrary to anti-choice beliefs, studies show free and safe access to birth control reduce the number of abortions. Banning abortions does not reduce abortions.

The logic is simple: Free access to birth control means fewer unintended pregnancies. Fewer unintended pregnancies means fewer abortions. And aren’t fewer abortions what we all want?

Apparently it’s not about what we all want. In the last two years over 135 bills have been proposed in Congress which restrict a women’s reproductive rights. North Carolina forces a woman to view an ultrasound of the fetus and receive a lecture about it, just four hours before the abortion procedure. Last Friday, Kansas passed a law stating life begins at fertilization. The Kansas bill also prohibits abortion providers from being involved in public school sex education classes. And, of course, by now most have heard, North Dakota passed a new law giving the fetus as the same rights as any U.S. citizen, including the mother. Suffice to say, this will make abortion illegal in North Dakota.

What can you do? Join pro-choice organizations, contact and petition your state’s lawmakers, remember which politicians are voting against women, and vote.

Meanwhile, Viva La France!

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