Hell Freezes Over As Glenn Beck Endorses Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

glenn beck

It’s safe to say that Glenn Beck has been one of the most extreme and certainly one of the most insane right-wing hosts in the media. I never thought I’d write something good about Glenn Beck, but, for a brief minute on Monday, Beck had a moment of sanity that is sure to generate fury from fellow conservatives.

During his radio program, Glenn Beck practically endorsed marriage equality, something not even a handful of Senate Republicans are willing to do. Beck stated that the fight for marriage equality is now about freedom, which is what America is all about, and that is why marriage equality proponents are winning the argument. But that wasn’t the end of it. At the conclusion of his short commentary on the subject, Beck called marriage equality a “principle” that “is right,” thus signaling that hell must have frozen over sometime in the last 48 hours.

BECK: “Why have we been arguing about marriage? We have been so foolish…it is not about gays, it is not about homosexuals, it is not about any of them. It is about freedom and the reason why they have won is because they have made it about freedom! And freedom, everyone basically understands freedom. That more freedom, not less, and so the argument has been ‘Who are you to tell me what I can and can not do?’ And by saying ‘Well because it always is! What’s happened?,’ you’ve lost, and by doing so, by not turning into it soon enough, what’s happened is you’ve been painted into a corner of a bigot! That’s why they have won, because the principle of it is right. The principle is easy to understand. Who are you to say?”

Here’s the video:

Glenn Beck has not exactly been a friend to the LGBT community over the course of his career, and the LGBT community hasn’t been particularly fond of Beck either. That may change given these recent statements. But now that Beck has said this wonderful thing about marriage equality, the only question is how long will it be before he reverses himself? I guess we’ll have to reluctantly stay tuned.

Nevertheless, Glenn Beck’s statement is a big score for marriage equality and it gives hope to same-sex couples and those who support marriage equality everywhere that perhaps soon, other conservatives will follow Beck’s example. After all, if Glenn Beck can reach a logical conclusion, or see the light, to put it in the Christian Right vernacular, so can others.