Yet Another Conspiracy Theorist Facing Charges After Harassing Victims Of Aurora Shooting (VIDEO)

After any tragedy, there comes a group of people who reject the reality of the situation, and claim that it is some form of international conspiracy targeting them. From Obama being able to control minds to the president being a master assassin, these paranoid folk are fed a continuous line of bullshit from money-making scam artists who would exploit tragedy. The tragedies in Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook, Connecticut was no different. These people, fed lines of garbage from con men, have harassed Sandy Hook families claiming that it was staged by Obama in order to cover for some agenda to disarm the population before locking everyone up in FEMA camps. But instead of just hiding in their basements, afraid of the world, some of those conned instead go out to try and prove their positions, and in order to do that, they wind up falling afoul of the law.

Meet Kevin Purfield of Portland, Oregon. He was arrested on April 10th for harassing by telephone and stalking victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado last year. He kept calling, claiming that their loved ones were not killed at all, that they never had bodies to bury their loved ones. To him, it was all true, fed to him by the con men such as Alex Jones. Of course the reality is, the victims of the shooting were buried. By Mr. Purfield harassing the families, fed by stochastic terrorists such as Fox News, he is the one who runs afoul of the law, while those who seek to exploit these tragedies for their corporate backers stand there looking clean.

Not only are those who lost their friends and families in the shootings victims here, but so is Kevin Purfield, and people like him who have been manipulated by those seeking to exploit tragedies. Checking his Youtube page, one finds a man who believes radical and easily disprovable ideas. He believes that the United States is operating a military moon base, spraying brain-control chemicals into the air, the battle at Gettysburg was won due to time-travel from the future, Flight 93 landed in Chicago with all passengers safe, and that we are hiding aliens from another planet at Nellis Air Force Base. All of these ideas are rampant among the conspiracy theory crowd, and Kevin Purfield is just repeating it.

The victims of these shootings should not have to face these kinds of harassment. And judges look upon them in a very poor light, and rule against them in the courts. Common sense would have told this man to be respectful. But instead, he pushed, and pushed, and now is getting punished. The courts will look at his videos, which state directly that he had been calling the families, and he will likely face the full effect of the law. But the real mastermind, the real power which caused this situation, the con artists who have sought to exploit these tragedies, such as the National Rifle Association, are not on trial, and walk away without taking their due punishment.

But at least he did not try to tell Buzz Aldrin that he did not walk on the moon:


Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.

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