BREAKING: Meghan McCain And U.S. Senators Warner & Kaine Join UNITE AGAINST RAPE

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Virginia Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, along with Meghan McCain (Author and daughter of Senator John McCain) have now joined’s fight against sexual violence. Launched in March,’s Unite Against Rape campaign has already garnered a wide array of celebrity endorsements. Roseanne Barr, Margaret Cho, Sandra Fluke, Jane Pratt, Alexandria Goddard (the Steubenville Blogger), Ronnie Cameron, Courtney Love, Dr. Gilda Carle, Yuri Lowenthal and Olympian Andrew Reyes have signed on to participate, as have many other writers, actors, women’s rights leaders and everyday men and women.


Unite Against Rape poster with Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain. From Unite Against Rape. UniteWomen.Org.

Patricia Gil, Executive VP of Operations at explains,

“Unite Against Rape was conceived to honor the survivors who feel they carry a stigma of rape. With the recent trial in Steubenville fresh in the minds of Americans, and cases of rape survivors committing suicide appearing all over the media, decided to publicly stand in solidarity with Jane Doe and millions of other rape survivors. We wanted to give them the means to share their voices.”

Karen Teegarden, President of, adds,

“So many individuals, groups and organizations have joined in creating awareness of this epidemic. Together we WILL make a difference.”

Senator Mark Warner, Unite Against Rape

Senator Mark Warner Unite Against Rape, image from UniteWomen.Org.

Sarah Warfield Murrill,’s National Director of Creative Development, noted,

“Many of the submissions have been from survivors who are ready to shed their shame and publicly condemn rape culture.” All photos are submitted by those who want to take a stand against rape, and support rape survivors/victims. is posting the photo quotes on their Facebook page and on their web site.


Senator Tim Kaine. Image from from Unite Against Rape, at UniteWomen.Org.

Senator Tim Kaine. Image from from Unite Against Rape, at UniteWomen.Org.

According to Shannon Fisher, National Director of PR for,

“We need to increase the public’s understanding of the epidemic of rape in our culture. This conversation desperately needs to happen – both in public and in private. ‘Unite Against Rape’ isn’t just a slogan; it is a theme that must permeate society in order to alter the collective apathy towards rape.” has a Social Media reach of nearly 20 million people worldwide, and they are holding a reception in Richmond, Virginia on April 28, 2013 to celebrate the anniversary of their 55 simultaneous women’s rights rallies nationwide in 2012. The reception in Richmond will be live?streamed on the Internet to gatherings of members around the country. Sandra Fluke will be the keynote speaker.

Well-known supporters include:

Comedians: Roseanne Barr, Margaret Cho, Annabelle Gurwitch and Lois Bromfield, Political Activists: Social Justice Advocate, Sandra Fluke, Athletes: Olympic Sprinter, Drew Reyes and Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle, Ronnie Cameron,Musicians: Courtney Love, Social and Political Commentators: Meghan McCain, Alexandria Goddard (Steubenville Blogger), Leslie Salzillo, Kimberley A. Johnson and Tanya Tatum Members of the XOJane Team: Jane Pratt, Mandy Stadtmiller, Alison Freer, Marci Robin and Julia Allison, Actors: Yuri Lowenthall, Pia Glenn and Sharon Gardner, Artists: Tormented Sugar, Writers and Producers: Herman Williams, III and Michele Rolle, Military Members: Executive Director of the Military Rape Crisis Center, Panayiota Bertzikis,Celebrity Relationship Experts: Dr. Gilda Carle and Dr. Sheri Meyers, Lawmakers: Senator Kaine (D-VA), Senator Warner (D-VA).

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As a rape survivor, I stand with, Unite Against Rape, and support all rape and sexual assault victims/survivors. ~Leslie Salzillo