Was The FBI Responsible For The Attack At The Boston Marathon? Alex Jones Seems To Think So

 Alex Jones; image @RhymeAndReason

Alex Jones; image @RhymeAndReason

Conservative radio host Alex Jones took to Twitter very soon after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, professing sympathy for those involved, but then, according to Mediaite, saying that it was a “false flag,” and that the FBI “has been behind virtually every domestic terror plot in the U.S. as NY Times reported.”

Mediaite also reports that he believes the Transportation Security Administration will use the incident as an excuse to “start groping you at sporting events.”

Alex Jones is on the extreme side of the right-wing, often making outrageous claims regarding firearms regulations, most recently for attacking Piers Morgan for his position on firearms ownership in the U.S. He called President Obama the “global head of Al Qaeda,” and he has used his radio show to explain such things as how sensible firearms regulations are actually intended to break down the foundation of the 2nd Amendment.

Jones has also apparently named the biggest threat to America as being nerds, because they end up running the world, innovating, and controlling everything. He believes that, because they’re so upset about the fact that they weren’t the jocks or part of the popular crowds in high school, they use their brains to play games on everybody else. According to fellow Addicting Info writer Nathaniel Downes, he tried to rally his anti-intellectual base by making it an “us vs. them” issue.

His assertion that the FBI “has been behind virtually every domestic terror plot in the U.S.” comes from a New York Times article dated April 28, 2012, which discusses how the FBI has been catching would-be terrorists in sting operations. However, in these operations, undercover FBI agents use dummy explosives, inert materials, and other non-dangerous materials to help these people carry out their missions, and then arrest them. The point of the New York Times piece was to explore whether engaging in these types of operations is the best use of manpower and funding for counterterrorism.

Jones, however, implies in his tweet that the FBI has a political agenda and engineers deadly incidents, like what happened in Boston, to further the aims of the government and subdue the population.

The explosions, which occurred at 2:45pm EDT at the marathon’s finish line, killed at least 2 and injured 110+ more (as of this writing). The devices used were improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and no suspects have been identified at the time of this article’s publication. People from all over the political spectrum and from many walks of life will use this, like every other tragedy, for either personal or political gain, and in our polarized environment, we can expect most agendas to be political. Alex Jones is no exception, and is one of those who can be expected to shout “CONSPIRACY” immediately after such an event.

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