Gun ‘Enthusiasts’ Respond To Boston Marathon Bombings By Demanding More Guns

Angry gun nut

In a time of national tragedy, we used to pull together. After the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Black Helicopter anti-government conspiracy nuts had the decency to quiet down and we collectively shunned the violent rhetoric that led up to the terrorist attack. After 9/11, we rallied behind our president, even those that had deep reservations about him. Now, after the Boston Marathon Bombing, we should be united in our opposition to the fear and hate that drives such an action, right?


Before the smoke had even cleared, gun massacre advocates took to Facebook to declare their love of guns and how any attempts to regulate them is treasonous. Oh, yeah, some people got killed and I feel bad BUT DON’T YOU TAKE MY GUNS! I went through the first 50 Senators’ Facebook pages to see the first batch of responses to the bombing. Most hadn’t commented yet but some did. Several of those pages had reader comments that were of shared grief and concern. But then there were the other pages. Those were filled with all kinds of rage and hate. The gun nuts were less than concerned about the dead and injured and more with making sure no one could touch their precious guns. Unsurprisingly, the majority of that anger showed up on Republican pages.

I didn’t bother deleting their names because it’s in a public forum and some people should be ashamed of themselves.

John McCain: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston and everyone involved with the marathon.

Dave Poole You share responsibility with the demoRATs and other RINOs for selling Aerica out and making us an easy target.

Chuck Pullen Maybe we should make bombs illegal too?

Mary Lab Your too worried about taking our 2nd admentment rights away, and making illegals

Michael F. Bennet (D): There are many Coloradans running the Boston Marathon today. Our thoughts are with the victims and first responders dealing with this tragedy. Use this Red Cross website to search for loved ones and list yourself as safe.

Larry W. Williams Here are the 46 senators, who are enemies of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, that voted to give your rights to the U.N. (I skipped the names in the interests of space)

These Senators, enemies of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, who voted to let the UN take our guns. They need to lose the election. We have been betrayed. These 46 Senators Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

John Wray Sad sad sad, but the HUGE divide in this country will rear it’s head more and more. People are frustrated with a government that is dominated by liberals and totally out of touch with the majority of the country. This administration just doesn’t care

Johnny Isakson (R): Praying for everyone in Boston affected by this terrible tragedy.

Keith Beck And you want to control our guns
Judy Walker-Paulk Maybe you could introduce a bill to ban marathons—they are killing people!
Carey Meadows Terrible things like this happen and you want to legislate our right to protect ourselves away.

Mike Crapo (R): Please join me in keeping the people of Boston in your thoughts and prayers!

Gary B Maxey This was a horrible example of a weapon of mass destruction – just like an AR-15 with a 30 clip magazine. Neither should be available to private citizens. Finally! A liberal jerk! He’s actually on several other pages like Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran and Mitch McConnell and gives the rest of us a bad name- FLS

Nick’s Politics One’s first thought during terrible events is with the victims. Then it goes to the culprits. After questioning the cause it becomes why didn’t they go after those responsible and in charge instead of people who aren’t involved. Soon followed by, “Oh great, what freedom are they going to take now.” Notice all this is happening in places supposedly made more safe by stricter gun laws and liberal policies. But then it’s right back to the right wing jerks – FLS

Mary Eileen Twyman I’m also wondering, Nick — Who knew about it but failed to act — ie: bho too lazy to attend morning briefings and bho paralyzed by fear and standing down @Benghazi — Who’s going to allow bho throw them under a bus to cover for his cowardly backside on this one?

Dan Coats (R): My thoughts and prayers are with those involved in the Boston Marathon tragedy

Gary Canada We don’t need gun laws- we need people laws. TSA and DHS are useless and both a financial drain. We need enforcement of the laws we have and faith in Democracy. We need leadership from the front (not behind) ,transparency, and communication. We have lost our way and today need prayers.
Jerry Moran (R): My prayers are with all those affected by the explosions in Boston. Grateful for the emergency responders & bystanders who are acting quickly to help.

Mitch McConnell (R): Prayers for the people of Boston & runners and spectators at the marathon. Thanks to the first responders and volunteers on the scene now.

David Martin don’t forget the 1st responders! you know the fireman police the ones you don’t support. Another non-gun nut jerk! – FLS

Danny Prater Of course prayers but why do you have to allow debate on more gun control!! Don’t think a gun done this but lack of them in people hands likely has!!!

David Vitter (R): Our family’s hearts and prayers go out to all of those hurt by the horrible explosions at the Boston Marathon. If this is indeed an intentional act, we all must stand strong and united against these sorts of heartless, cowardly attacks.

Donnell Dent It’s time we take back our country, this is horrible! I’ll be darned if I ever give up my rights to carry a gun with horrific things like this going on, it’s sinful! Yes, because CLEARLY Jesus would want you to have a gun capable of killing 20 children in 5 minutes – FLS

Jenae Wise Don’t let them use another tragedy to push their agendas… Please.

Bruce Stewart How can we if they take our guns

Susan Collins (R): Sen. Collins joins Senator Angus S. King, Jr. in expressing “deep sadness by the deplorable and heinous act of violence in Boston today. Reports that multiple improvised explosive devices may have been involved at this high profile national event bear the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.”
Lawrence Horn Collins is an outright traitor..going to vote on a 1500 page piece of gun control legislation with out having read it through…same as she did with Obama Care..time for her to retire w/o a pension
Donna Noble Short One of the first questions people ask is “Who was it?” How about we start taking our boarder security seriously. We don’t even know who is in our country – so, yes, we don’t know for sure if it’s homegrown or foreign because we have millions of people here illegally.
Jerry Tonubbee When will we start background checks on people that buy things that can be made into bombs?
Roy Blunt (R): My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Boston Marathon victims and their families.
Norm Maloney Senator can you stop the Democrats from taking our guns.???
Ron Sabovich Or stop Monsanto from taking our health ??……..Ooops, I forgot, you are a Monsanto lapdog. Errrr…Kind of random – FLS

The next time some random gun nut insists that “libs” are just angry and hate filled, show them the bile that poured forth within hours of a terrorist attack. The callous and self-obsessed nature of gun massacre advocates is hard to overstate and these are the people that are claim they are “responsible?”

I don’t think so. These are the LAST people that should have guns. If you care more about feeling macho with a penis extension semi-automatic than about the dead and wounded, you are lacking the requisite maturity to be entrusted with a deadly weapon.

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P.S. Here are screen captures of the Senator’s pages (just in case someone would like to pretend I made it all up)