Westboro Hate Group Blames Boston’s Same Sex Marriage For Bombs (VIDEO)

WBC’s standard and hateful take on the Boston Marathon bombing @NRA

WBC’s standard and hateful take on the Boston Marathon bombing @NRA

Westboro Baptist Church, a small anti-gay, anti-Semite group of haters based in Hell, I mean Kansas, came out of their hole yesterday, just hours after the Boston bombings, to damn us all. While writing this story and doing research, I decided to take a look at their website (quite disturbing as you might expect). I saw that they had just released a statement which will be made into flyers, saying they plan to picket the funerals of those who died in the Boston bombs. On their site, GodHatesFags.com, they claim have picketed over 50,000 funerals. Yesterday, they said the Boston bombings were due to Boston’s equal-marriage laws — except that’s not what they called the laws. This despicable group couldn’t even wait one day after the tragedy without damning the three victims who have died, including an eight-year-old boy. Westboro Baptist Church got on Twitter within hours to spew their special brand of hate, throughout social media and the world. That’s what they do. [Note: as of this writing their site with the statement above was down…]

The group formed in 1991 under the direction of ‘Pastor’ Fred Phelps, and came into national spotlight in 1998 when they were featured on CNN. Westboro Baptist Church picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a young man from Laramie, Wyoming who was beaten to death by two men because of his homosexuality. Since then, the WBC has attracted attention for many more actual and planned funeral pickets. On their site, they claim to have picked over 50,000 funerals.

Here is a sample of this church’s ‘love’:

WBC tweet
If anything good can come from the Westboro Baptist Church, it is that they seem to bring other religions and political parties together. The Baptist church denounces them, as do many other religions. Bill O’Reilly  calls them ‘deplorable’ and I’d bet I would be hard-pressed to find a Democrat who would disagree. (Call it a hunch.) The bottom line is WBC often crosses the lines of  human and moral decency.

Here are some samples of yesterday’s Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) Loving Tweets:

  1. Memo to Boston police: Is it time to re-think that mistreat and abuse WBC policy you implemented many years ago?!?! cnn.com
  2. In light of today’s events, I must again ask: How is that fag marriage idea working out for you, America?!?! #oops!cnn.com/2013/04/15/us/…
  3. #GodSmack @ABCWorldNews: POTUS should have held press conference when WBC was bombed by IED for telling USA#NoFags #GodAvengesHisPeople
  4. @NBCNews#BostonMarathon explosion aftermath: How you can help? Only help: Say reinstate Death Penalty for Fags! Stop proud sin & #ObeyGod
  5. @cnnbrk #Obama: “We’ll find out who did this. We’ll find out why they did this #Boston Who: God Almighty! Why: USA WBC for saying #NoFags
  6. “@Nightline: Kids Hit Hard by Boston Marathon Explosionsabcn.ws/YqZLeu” cry me a river!#4KMurderedEachDayInDoomedusa
  7. #BostonMarathon “When ye have transgressed the covenant of the LORD…then shall [His] anger be kindled against you & ye shall perish.”
  8. Mal 1:1-5: I have loved you … Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob & I hated Esau..
  9. Luke 17:30 “Even thus [like Noah & Lot’s days–where fags & #SSMruled the day] shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.”
  10. There were 8 year olds in Noah’s day, “until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.” Lu 17:26-32
  11. There were 8 year olds in Sodom, “but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire & brimstone from heaven, & destroyed them all.”
  12. USA must institute death penalty for fags/dykes, or violence will fully consume u! #GodSentTheBomber #GodIsNotMocked!#GodH8sFagMarriage
  13. doomed USA cannot spend enuf; hyperbolize enuf; talk enuf; threaten enuf; or curse #westboro enuf 2 stop God from killing rebels as He will!
  14. america’s case: Isa 1:5 Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.
  15. Worthless. You’re to blame; you taught proud sin. #adultery MT@algore: Prayers w victims of today’s explosions in Boston.#bostonmarathon


  16. Blood on his hands. His abortion & #SSM caused it! #shame MT@DNDailyPolitics@BarackObama Discusses Explosions#BostonMarathon #POTUS
  17. Unless he’s hanging his head in shame & telling nation to repent of#SSM he’s makes it worse. MT @LukeRussert: Obama now talking re #Boston
  18. Too late to pray. You’ve enraged God w #SSM Mr. President.#Doomed MT @CapehartJ: POTUS:America will say prayer for people of Boston tonight
  19. 8-year-old child died 4 Boston’s & america’s fag marriage sins.#GodIsNotMocked! Arrogant blowhard rebels can’t stop God’s vengeance!

So here we are again, with Westboro Baptist Church. Where might be, the bad-ass-truth-seeking, Anonymous, who sent a video message to WBC  back in December. That’s when WBC was picketing Sandy Hook victims. Ironically, yesterday’s Boston Marathon was to honor the children who died in the Sandy Hook massacre. So I’m hoping Anonymous will show up again to give WBC a refresher course on manners. (Never with violence.) They recently ‘showed up’ to expedite the lagging judicial systems for America’s Steubenville rape case, and Canada’s Rehtaeh Parsons’ rape and suicide case. And while doing some research for this story, I also read some recently released information: Anonymous apparently brought down North Korean websites –for a second time. They get around, they do. Below is the video that was sent to Westboro Baptist Church by Anonymous. It’s good. It’s very good.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB3wSK0Xi58]

I’d call Anonymous and ask them to please give WBC a shout, but well, I don’t know their number, and they’re not listed.  (I have a feeling they are already ‘on it’.)


The author, Leslie Salzillo, is a political commentator, diarist, and visual artist. She began contributing to Addicting Info in March 2013.