Arkansas State Representative In Hot Water Over Offensive ‘Boston Liberals’ Tweet (IMAGE)


Ahhh, Twitter. It is often the gift that keeps on giving, because, no matter how quickly you delete an offensive tweet, you can rest assured that someone has screencapped it and spread it around for all to see. This is especially true if you are an elected official in these hot political times, as Arkansas State Representative Nate Bell is finding out the hard way. This guy has some balls, though, I gotta give that to him.

In the midst of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Rep. Bell had the audacity to tweet the following:


Think what you want about guns and gun control, but I think we can all agree that this was tasteless and grossly inappropriate. Apparently, Bell agrees as well, because the tweet has now been deleted. But, as I said before, nothing is ever really gone from Twitter. After all, we have the screencap of what he said right here. Tsk Tsk, Representative. You’ve been caught saying naughty things, and now they are out there for all to see forever. I hope you get ripped a new one by your constituents and your superiors for this one. This is not the time to poke fun at people who are frightened for their lives. living in a town that is on lockdown, mourning loved ones and the dignity of an age- old, timeless city event. Shame on you, and I hope you learn to think before you tweet.