Glenn Beck Issues Ultimatum To White House Over Benghazi-Boston ‘Conspiracy’

Glenn Beck from Tom Degan's Rant
Right-wing nut job and president of Crazyland Glenn Beck has given the U.S. government an ultimatum: come clean on the Benghazi-Boston bombing connection before Monday or he will expose it. You know, sometimes you just have to wonder – really wonder – about this man’s sanity.

“I don’t bluff,” Beck stated, “I make promises. The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country. I thought I had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government. Oh no, no, no. There is no depth that these people will not stoop to. They have until Monday and then The Blaze will expose it.” (source)

Well, gosh. I sure hope that President Obama is paying attention. Because, wow, if The Blaze is going to expose this… well, it’s just too scary to think about (insert massive amount of sarcasm here).

But he’s not alone in thinking (if one can use that word to describe this crap) that there is some kind of conspiracy going on. It all traces back to that Saudi national who was detained by Boston authorities on Monday. The man was cleared of any kind of suspicion. But that’s just not following the narrative that the right-wing crazies have created. Here’s what they think, voiced by Fox News head conspiracy guy, Steve Emerson:

“Remember the Saudi that they initially had arrested, or at least detained? … Well I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual… This is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia, you don’t arrest their citizens, you deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them.” (source)

Man, that tin foil hat must be on too tight. These guys believe that there is some kind of connection between that Saudi – who was not arrested but merely questioned – the Boston marathon bombing and Benghazi. I know, right?! These guys, Beck and Emerson, both say that they have “sources” that tell them the Saudi man, whom they identify as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, is being deported on Tuesday after his visa was revoked. And, according to Beck, he is a “bad, bad man.”

Congressional sources say that there has been a file created for the Saudi man and Sen. Rand Paul (oh, you knew it had to be him, dincha?) has promised to “look into” the reports. But Immigration officials and Secretary Janet Napolitano have called the conspiracy claims “categorically false.” Rep. Jeff Duncan even asked Secretary Napolitano about the connection Thursday morning. Her response was curt:

“I’m not going to answer that question,” she shot back after being pressed by Duncan… “That question is so full with misstatements and misapprehensions that it is not worthy of an answer.” (source)

So I guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to see what Beck has up his sleeve. Though I’m pretty sure that it’s just more of the same: crazed blatherings about things he has made up in his tin-foil-covered head. As usual. He really should see a therapist. Maybe Emerson should join him. Now there’s a group therapy session to make your hair stand on end!

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