Limbaugh Jokes About Pressure Cookers – Macy’s Puts Them On Sale – Days After Bombing

Tantrumming Limbaugh

First we have Rush Limbaugh making insensitive jokes about pressure cookers to promote his pro-gun agenda – the day after the Boston Marathon Bombing. Then Macy’s advertises a sale on pressure cookers two days later. Did they forget a pressure cooker was used in creating two bombs that killed three innocent victims, and injured over 150, including children as young as two years old?

Rush didn’t forget. Not many are surprised when we hear of Limbaugh’s sick and hateful antics. At times, it’s as if the man has no soul. He mocks the disabled, innocent children, women, blacks, hispanic, the LGBT communities… the list goes on. Limbaugh is finally being called out by the public with petitionsthe StopRush Project, and boycott groups who are ON his ass.

Then we have Macy’s. To many, the name has a happy connotation. There is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade –and didn’t Macy’s employ the real Santa Clause and refer customers to competitors when they ran out of a toy? Often, however, Macy’s is more apt to be on the ‘naughty’ side of Santa’s list.

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Over the years they’ve had their share of controversies with bankruptcies, fur trade, shoplifter policy ethics, to offending the LGBT community by taking two male mannequins from display when anti-gay groups complained. This past year, Macy’s has used Donald Trump as a spokesperson, and that doesn’t go over well with many citizens. Well over half a million people (689,000+) signed an online petition asking Macy’s to sever ties with Trump because of his sexism, hypocrisy and racially charged ‘Birther conspiracy’. Macy’s didn’t budge. Trump set out to sue the petition creator. Again, Macy’s didn’t budge. (Trump later pulled the legal action.)

And now, ironically, Macy’s has aligned with Rush Limbaugh’s parent company, Clear Channel, in promoting iheart’s (owned by Clear Channel) music festival.- Clear Channel is also the parent company to other ‘hate radio’ shows including Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

This is not to say Macy’s intentionally placed the pressure cooker sale ad in Thursday’s newspaper under a Boston bombing story. I’m not saying that. (though there is no doubt Limbaugh made his jokes intentionally) It’s just, given the the bad press Macy’s continues to get these days, one would think they’d be more… careful.