Infowars Guru Alex Jones A Fraud – Let’s Go Over His Failed Predictions (VIDEO)

Infowars Guru Alex Jones A Fraud - Let's Go Over His Failed Predictions

Alex Jones is a fraud, and the sooner his audience realizes this, the better. His failed predictions could fill a book, but we have the notes version here. – Photo CC by 911conspiracy.

Alex Jones was one of the first to attempt and exploit the tragedy in Boston for his own gain, claiming that the FBI was behind the attack. He was quick to claim that he had predicted the attack, and used it as a call to rally around. He told his fans that he was correct. And, of course, to only listen to him.

Alex Jones failed to mention was how wrong he has been over the years.

Gold hasn’t spiked, Obama hasn’t been killed, Europe has not had 15 nations collapse. Alex Jones’ record is worse than Milli Vanilli’s. But don’t tell that to his fans, who will do anything to validate the lies fed to them. These people, fed a regular stream of lies, flubs, and falsehoods, become lone wolf agents, often times falling afoul of the law in their efforts to prove what is fed to them. His tactics are those of the con man. They are designed only to fuel his media empire by feeding the paranoid.

Even right-wing paranoid kook Glenn Beck discussed the tactics used by Alex Jones and his ilk. Perhaps this is why the two pundits have had a very public tiff. Whatever the cause, the truth of the matter remains, no matter how crazy Glenn Beck is, he’s not as crazy as Alex Jones. And he’s not the only right-wing fanatic to call Alex Jones sick and twisted.


The origin of the prediction is of course this clip from Alex Jones, where he claimed that his “Spidey Sense” enabled him to identify that the Boston Bombing were to occur.

However, as pointed out above, Alex Jones predicts these things with such regularity. And yet, in his grand 50 Predictions For 2013, such an attack is notable for its absence. However, as 2013 is not over with yet, it is fairer to assess older predictions, such as this list for 2010-2012. And of that list, well, let us see for ourselves.

List Of Alex Jones failed Predictions!

  • World wide shortage of rare earth metals – Didn’t happen
  • Food supply disruptions hit western nations – Didn’t happen
  • Deadly superbug mutation goes wild – Didn’t happen
  • New evidence links vaccines and neurological disorders – The opposite happened
  • U.S. power grid suffers catastrophic failure – Didn’t happen
  • Satellite breakdown – Didn’t happen
  • GM crop contamination leads to crisis – Didn’t happen
  • Honeybee population collapse spreads to other speciesDidn’t happen
  • Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized – Debatable
  • Nuclear power sees global resurgence – The Fukushima incident discredited this
  • Nuclear weapons unleashed in the Middle East – Didn’t happen
  • New exotic superfood from South America emerges in western markets – Didn’t happen
  • A high-tech, portable vitamin D sensor device is invented – Didn’t happen
  • U.S. debt gets downgraded while world investors slash purchases of U.S. debt instrumentsThe debt was downgraded, but investors still flock to it
  • U.S. nearly comes to military conflict with China over natural resources – Didn’t happen
  • Huge new scandal implicates major drug company in scientific fraud – Nothing out of the ordinary here
  • China unleashes armies of corporate espionage hackers onto western nations – Some debate on this is ongoing
  • Medical imaging scandal unfolds as older patients begin to show serious health damage from radiation via mammograms, CT scans and more – Didn’t happen
  • Another 9/11 false flag incident – Didn’t happen
  • The world won’t end on December 21, 2012 – Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day!
  • EPA pressured to regulate drug in the water supply – Can’t even contemplate this one without the brain hurting
  • Nursing home drugging scandal exposed – Didn’t happen
  • The psychiatric industry will declare more normal behaviors to be “disorders” – Didn’t happen
  • Vaccine industry goes crazy with new vaccines for all sorts of “diseases” – Didn’t happen
  • War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk, homeopathy, herbs and supplements – Didn’t happen
  • The world becomes a far more dangerous place for honest citizens – So open-ended you cannot even evaluate
  • New attempts are made to destroy internet freedom – SOPA and PIPA have been discussed for awhile, so not a real argument
  • China’s boom will bust, sending ripples through global economy – Didn’t happen
  • Central and South America will drop the U.S. dollar as a currency – Didn’t happen
  • Local currencies emerge following the collapse of the dollar – As the dollar didn’t collapse, this didn’t happen
  • TSA suspends full body scanners after celeb photo scandal – No, was suspended due to dangerous exposure to radiation
  • Cell phone brain tumors start to appear in younger users – Didn’t happen
  • Medical industry claims to find cause of autism – Didn’t happen, although some hope has been raised
  • Terrorist strike on the U.S. water supply – Didn’t happen
  • Sperm count drops, infertility rates rise – Fertility is increasing, not decreasing, across the United States
  • “Stealth personal recorders” go mainstream – We call them Cell Phones, although Alex Jones is quick to claim that they cause cancer

Of course Alex Jones will take all of this criticism in stride, and blame someone else. But the reality is, Alex Jones’ predictive capability is as accurate as Stevie Wonder at the shooting range. He is a fraud, and the sooner his audience realizes this, the better.