Allen West May Have To Answer To Police After He Threatened Students

Allen West Is Mad

Just when we think that we have heard the last of Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) he’s back again. Allen West is like the blister that won’t go away here in Florida. There’s a lot to be ashamed of in my beautiful Sunshine State–the 2000 election, the 2012 election line craziness, Marco Rubio, the Stand Your Ground law that contributes to the death of kids–we are like the running joke across the country and Allen West just gives people more fodder for the jokes AND manages to rank right there at the top of the crazy list. He’s like a loose cannon and we are never really sure what the heck is going to come out of the hole in his face. An example of his ignorant ramblings is when he said ,”I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” Yeah, a threat to the gene pool; it’s pretty hard to top that kind of stupidity but he’s at it again and this time he is threatening college students over Facebook. Yes folks, a grown man, former Florida Representative is resorting to middle school bullying tactics and threatening kids on Facebook.

It all started when students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), protested a deal between GEO Group, the second largest for-profit prison operator in the country, and FAU over naming the school stadium. GEO Group planned to gift the school $6 million for the rights to name the football stadium and the protests began. About 60 students, immigrant,civil rights and faith advocates delivered a letter to the school’s board of trustees protesting the deal and protested in other ways. GEO Group later withdrew it’s promise and the deal fell through. According to Allen West’s wife, Angela West, who is on the board of trustees, students showed up at her office and sent letters demanding she be fired and she felt threatened by them. With that, Allen west decided to take his anger out on Facebook and threaten the students. Here’s the text of the post, which has been removed:

“I completely understand the Alinsky tactics and have no issue with the insidious and incessant personal attacks by the left against me. However, I am warning you, end your harassment of my wife Angela. The students from Florida Atlantic University who have gone to my wife’s office, stalked her at the FAU Board of Trustee meetings, and sent letters to her company headquarters, end it now. This is not a threat, it is a promise that if Angela calls and tells me of one more incident, you will face me, the side of me that you do not want to see. My wife Angela is an American citizen and if you believe that you can intimidate her to surrender her freedoms you are mistaken. Those left wing groups and lawyers associated with these individuals supporting their antics, I recommend you disassociate yourself. How dare you animals attack my wife and her professional reputation. This is your one and only advisory notice.”

Seeing this and the subsequent responses from West’s ‘fans,’ Stephanie Rosendorf, a student of FAU filed a complaint with the campus police said that she felt threatened by his post and it is her right to feel safe when expressing her First Amendment right to peacefully assemble when she and other students take issue with something at the University. Raw Story reports that Rosendorf told them that she was worried that some of his followers may react violently.

“As a student at FAU and a member of the community, I felt shocked and threatened to see Allen West’s comments,” she said via email. “We as students should be able to exercise our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble without fear of violent retaliation from Allen West or any of his like-minded followers. I urge the University to take extra steps to ensure that Allen West is not allowed on or near our campus.”

She had every right to be concerned as some of the comments under his post by his followers were very frightening. His minions were up in arms and all but ready to bear arms to protect their loud mouth, asinine Tea Party mascot and his precious wife.

Rod Jerkins: “Col. West, I for one will stand with you.”

Jeremy Bliller: “Tell me where to go and who.”

Sam Kaufman: “Congressman: I’m a combat vet with a lot of time on my hands. You need to put a team together, you let me know!”

Ron Hubers: “I have your ‘six’ if you need it, Sir!”

Rodney Fowler: “I think a Glock 9MM should get the job done.”

Eddie Spraggs: “Lock and LOAD Colonel!!”

This is apparently the America that West wants to be a part of. An America where resorting to middle school bullying is perfectly acceptable behavior. It always amazes me how Republicans so quickly push the Constitution aside when they get their feelings hurt because someone disagrees with them or in this case, their wife. His wife is in a position that leaves her open to criticism from students at the school that she participates in governing. When Governor Skeletor Voldemort Rick Scott appointed her to FAU’s Board Of Trustees that left her wide open to these sorts of situations. If she doesn’t like it, perhaps she should resign I’m sure nobody will protest that. Allen West needs to learn that protesting does not equal stalking. Maybe we should send him a copy a dictionary and highlight the word and while we are at it a copy of the Constitution and draw a big circle around the First Amendment. I do of course realize that Republicans tend to forget that the Constitution has 26 other Amendments besides that second one that they are all obsessed with. So now my fellow Floridians and I are left to put our faces in our palms because the wonderful Allen West is up and about again. I was really hoping that painful election loss would have shut him the hell up but………sigh.