Boneheads At Fox’s ‘The Five’ Declare War On Jon Stewart, Demand Debate (VIDEO)

Fox ‘liberal’ Bob Beckel; image @HuffingtonPost

Fox ‘liberal’ Bob Beckel; image @HuffingtonPost

Last Wednesday on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brilliantly (as usual) lampooned Fox News and their Muslim-bashing in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. He outlined how the talking heads on Fox were perfectly happy shredding the Constitution, jettisoning amendments “…like Han Solo dumping his cargo to make the jump to light speed at the first sign of Imperial cruisers.” Among Stewart’s targets were Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel (the token “liberal”) on The Five.

Bob Beckel said that we should no longer allow Muslim students to enter the country because the bombing suspect was a Muslim student. So we should totally ban any more of those people from coming here to study. Seems legit. He also said we should restrict Chinese students, too, as they only come here to learn computers and go back home to hack us. Wait, they don’t have computers in China?! Boy, that’s going to be a big surprise to all those Chinese folks on the Intertoobz!

But the highlight was Bolling’s “freedom math”:

“How many Muslims in the world? Anybody? 1.57 billion. Let’s just say that 10% dislike us… 157 million Muslims hate us. If 10%? 5%? 1%? are radicalized and would kill us… that’s one and a half million people are radicalized to the point where they would want to kill… Americans.”

And that, friends, is Freedom Math. Take one legitimate number – 1.57 billion – and pull the rest out of your ass. That’s how it’s done among the freedom loving hating ‘patriots’ at Fox.

Well, Eric Bolling isn’t taking that lying down (no, just lying). He has a professor, dammit! A professor who agrees with Bolling’s theory of 1.5 million potential American-hating-enough-to-kill-us Muslims. However, like Bolling, she has no actual proof, either. Just more figures pulled out of anal regions.

“When we talk about radicalized Islamic ideologies, it’s a very small population within Islam. Only about 10 percent of Muslims are fundamentalists, and only 1 percent of that 10 percent have a radical understanding of Islam.” (Source)

Becker wasn’t going to put up with Stewart’s jibing, either. Nosiree! How dare Jon Stewart criticize him, Fox’s token liberal?

“I was a liberal activist and a progressive before you were out of your Pampers,” Beckel said. “You may get on a TV show and talk liberal politics. I’ve been on the lines registering voters, being on union lines, and others. Maybe you want to bring your credentials up here.” (Source)

Hey Bob, maybe it’s time you had your credentials either renewed or revoked. Dude, you are shilling for Fox Freaking News, fergawdsake! For every vote you registered, your friends at Fox and their masters in the GOP have taken one away with bogus voting laws (Only one? – ed.). If indeed you have any laurels, you have been resting on them for so long that they’re flat and colorless. Like yourself.

As we have seen time and again, the asshats over at Fox can dish it out but they sure can’t take it. Bolling has issued a challenge to Stewart to come debate them – well, *they* think it’s a challenge. Personally, I think Jon would wipe the floor with them. Maybe they should stop for a moment and remember what happened to the last show where Jon debated conservatives. Yeah, how’d that work out for ya, Tucker Carlson and CNN? I doubt that he will accept, though. He has enough on his plate with lancing the boil that is Fox News every week. Thanks, Jon and keep up the good work!

Here’s the video:

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