Irate Bostonian Obliterates Infowars Conspiracy Nut In Epic Video (VIDEO)

Author: April 29, 2013 8:15 am
Dan Bidondi… ‘truth’… um.. crusader; image @Facebook

Dan Bidondi… ‘truth’… um.. crusader; image @Facebook pretend-journalist and blind worshiper of Alex Jones, Dan Bidondi, the conspiracy-theorist and walking parody of an 80s pro wrestling promo, got completely owned by a Boston man irate over Jones’ ‘false flag’ claims. The concerned Bostonian, whose face is not shown and who’s non-Mayor Quimbly-like accent indicates he’s not originally from Boston, relentlessly laid into the walking, talking boil on the ass of journalism over his totally unproven ‘false flag’ suppositions and the recklessness of in general.

For Alex Jones  (or is it Jim Jones) and his million moron army of Kool-Aid drinkers, everything under the sun is a false flag or government set-up, and that includes the sun. Get soup instead of salad, it’s Soros and the NWO instead of a simple mistake. The overwhelming irony is that these are the very same people who perpetually claim government is incompetent and inefficient, yet government is always pulling off these herculean events. Jones is in a seemingly never-ending competition with Glenn Beck for the mouth-breather demographic, and he’s one comment away from becoming a full-blown South Park episode. The man is a journalist like Kim Kardashian is an actress, only one has an enormous arse while the other appears to be an enormous arse.

In the video below, an irate Boston guy confronts Bidondi, the hack reporter who pulled a Kanye West at the Boston marathon bombing press conference when he repeatedly interrupted the adults trying to speak by injecting his cult leader’s ‘false flag‘ malarkey.

Here’s the video:

Boston needs to collectively buy this man a drink!

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