GOP Governor Jan Brewer Betrays Citizens – Flips Gun Buyback

Author: May 1, 2013 3:19 am


Many Arizona cities and concerned citizens have been holding gun buyback events. The purpose for most people relinquishing their guns, has been to help reduce gun violence and wrongful deaths, especially after the 2011 massacre in a Tucson shopping mall, that killed six and injured 13, in attempt to assassinate U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Monday, GOP Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, signed a law making it illegal to destroy those guns turned over, and now the guns must be made available for resale by/for ‘licensed gun dealers. I see. And those gun dealers would be selling the guns to…who?

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose, Ms. Brewer? Wouldn’t that be going against the wishes of the people?

Furious Democrats in the Senate, argued the GOP is known for its opposition to ‘government gun control’ yet they want to use government control to promote their own pro-gun agendas. Blatant hypocrisy at its best.

Brewer and NRA said House Bill 2455 is good for the taxpayer. It saves them money. I see. What about the taxpayers who sold their guns specifically to promote gun safety?


And if that wasn’t enough, Brewer signed another anti-gun bill on Monday, barring counties from collecting or maintaining any identifying information about a person who owns or sells a firearm. In other words, she’s not only against background checks, she now wants existing background checks destroyed? Angry? Here’s something you can do:

The governor’s office said nearly 2,000 letters, emails and phone calls were received approving the bill, and only 25 opposed. That’s hard to believe. But just in case, here is the Governor’s office contact info. I think she might need to hear from more of us:The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
Arizona Governor
Executive Tower
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone Number:

Email Contact Form

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  • Glad to see the Grim Reapers at it again … state instituted death panels, guns allowed in bars … meaning, already existing humans? Go pound sand, just dodge the bullets … zygote? fetus? LIFE IS SACRED!!

  • One less gun removed from the streets is one less gun that will not be straw purchased.
    Which means that any further guns purchased will have to go through a legitimate purchaser. (If republicans would allow such!)
    Ergo- a legitimate gun purchase is far less likely to be used by a killer.
    One less killing means far far more than any monetary benefit.

  • LumineHall

    How police departments can “buypass” this law:

    Step 1: Find a willing individual/accomplice in a non-crazy state who can get a gun license.
    Step 2: Sell the guns to them for 1 cent per gun.
    Step 3: Buy the guns back for 2 cents per gun.
    Step 4: Destroy guns — since they’re bought from a licensed gun dealer and not turned over by citizens, they should be the police departments’ private property, with which they can do whatever they want.

    Though you’d think that gun destruction would help gun dealers by decreasing the supply and driving prices and profits up.

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