Oil Spill Workers Can’t Pay Medical Bills—BP Posts $4.2 Billion Profit For Q1 (VIDEO)

From Greenpeace Flicker Album, by 361gradmedien.de

From Greenpeace Flicker Album, by 361gradmedien.de

It seems that BP’s epic lies about the magnitude of the Gulf oil spill have not had an effect on the corporate giant’s bottom line….shocking. The company that is responsible for 11 deaths, the biggest accidental oil spill in WORLD history and countless illnesses related to the cleanup of said disaster, posted their earnings for the first quarter of 2013 today. How much did they make out with so far? A whopping $4.2 billion!!!! Suddenly the $4.5 billion fine that the federal government levied against the corporation, the one that was touted as the largest fine against a company in U.S. history, seems like a drop in BP’s oily, bloody bucket. They literally made almost all of that money back in the first four months of the year! It is frustrating to say the least and unfortunately for the people who helped clean up their oil spill, reality is very bitter indeed.

In an interview with Rachel Maddow, the author of the article, “What BP Doesn’t Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill“, Mark Hertsgaard explains why the cleanup workers of the oil spill are still suffering. Not only did the people of the Gulf Coast suffer horrible health problems, but the corporation lied about the toxicity of the dispersant used to clean up the oil spill. So BP knowingly put the lives of the people that were cleaning up their failure in danger. FANTASTIC! Bravo BP! Well at least they had a good reason, you know, they had to protect their public image so that they could continue to make billions of dollars. It gets better, I’m sure you’re wondering how the hell could it get more depressing? Well, Hertsgaard goes on to explain that although BP has set aside roughly $8 billion for medical expenses related to the spill, the illnesses these people are suffering from are not covered under that settlement.

Here’s the video:

WOW! I’m just really totally shocked that BP is not taking care of these people! Oh wait…..yeah, I’m lying. Why would they bother to care for the people who helped them? It is situations like this that truly show that corporations don’t give a crap about people; they only care about their profit margin. So what are some of the key factors related to BP’s profits? Thinkprogress provided a few:

  • The company is sitting on nearly $28 billion in cash reserves.
  • BP’s CEO Bob Dudley raked in $2.7 million in 2012.
  • In 2012, BP gave over $400,000 in federal campaign contributions, with 59 percent going to Republicans. They also spent nearly $9 million on lobbying.

So while the CEO raked in a sweet $2.7 million last year and the corporation sits on billions of dollars in their reserves, the people that they damaged, in some cases irreparably, are struggling to pay their medical expenses. They should get an award for being one of the sleaziest companies on the face of the planet. Here’s hoping that the court in New Orleans, that is deciding how negligent the company was, will levy the maximum fine. Here’s hoping that this corporation will finally pay for the damage that they have inflicted on not only the environment but the people that helped them in their crusade to fool the world. Rachel Maddow said it best,’ Corporations are NOT people!’