Conservative Says Hispanics Are Lazy Liberals So GOP Shouldn’t Reach Out To Them (AUDIO)

Hispanics and Republicans… Image by Sasha Y. Kimel (Flickr); @AEIdeas

Hispanics and Republicans… Image by Sasha Y. Kimel (Flickr); @AEIdeas

The Republican Party has a major problem among Hispanic voters. In the 2012 election, Latinos voted for Democrats by a landslide, 71% to 27%, an incredible 44 point margin that only looks to increase exponentially as demographics in red states change rapidly. Is it any wonder why the GOP opposes immigration?

Since the election, Republicans have halfheartedly and grudgingly decided to support immigration reform, even though their plan would require years before an undocumented immigrant could gain citizenship. Even so, many Republicans, especially those who have Tea Party support, still oppose reform of any kind.

In fact, according to Right Wing Watch, Mark Krikorian, the anti-immigration conservative executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, went on right-wing radio on Monday and basically said the GOP should write off Latino voters because they support Democratic policies, have illegitimate children, and are on welfare. It’s basically harking back to Mitt Romney’s caught-on-camera “47 percent” comment from last year.

During an appearance on radio with host Garland Robinette, Krikorian disparaged Latinos and suggested Republicans stop reaching out to them because apparently there’s no point in doing so. He also said that since Hispanic voters are mostly liberal, it would be self-defeating for the party to support any bill that “imports” more Hispanics into America.

“Republicans obviously need to go after any voter group, and there’s a significant minority of Hispanic Americans who will vote Republican, and that number can be increased and Republicans should work on increasing it. But it’s never going to be very big. Hispanics as a whole are the biggest supporters of Obamacare, are big supporters of gun control, are opposed to reducing the size of government. Native-born Hispanic Americans, who make up most Hispanic voters, have a majority of the children that are born to them are illegitimate, very high rates of welfare use. So this is a description of an overwhelmingly Democratic voter group. Not all of them, obviously, because there’s a big group and there’s a lot of differences among them. But generally speaking, Hispanic voters are Democrats, and so the idea of importing more of them as a solution to the Republican Party’s problems is kind of silly.”

Here’s the audio:

It seems Republicans once again want to write off a significant portion of the population simply because that group opposes GOP policies. Instead of changing their stance on policies to attract their support, Republicans would rather just put segments of the population on an enemies list that must be miles long by now. And considering that Hispanics are wielding more and more political clout in Florida, Texas, and other red states, it’s only a matter of time before Hispanic voters turn conservatives into a truly irrelevant voting block.