NH Republican Rep. Stella Tremblay Questions Legitimacy Of Boston Bombing Victim’s Loss Of Both Legs

Author: May 4, 2013 4:18 am
Image from APTopix.

Image from APTopix.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing last month, New Hampshire Republican state Rep. Stella Tremblay pushed a crazy conspiracy theory alleging that the federal government orchestrated the horrific attack that left three people dead and dozens injured. She made the claim in a post on Glenn Beck’s Facebook page.

That lunacy wasn’t enough for Tremblay, however. Despite being condemned by her own party and being called upon to resign by constituents, Tremblay appeared on a right-wing radio show this week and dared to question the legitimacy of a reaction to injuries suffered by a victim of the bombing. The Union Leader reports that Tremblay attacked Jeff Bauman, a victim who lost both of his legs in the tragic terrorist attack and heroically made an effort to talk to the FBI about the suspects despite his devastating injury.

“My first gut reaction seeing the horror of that person that has their legs blown off,” Tremblay’s crazy theory began. “You know, the bone sticking out? He was not in shock. I looked and I thought, there’s something. … I don’t know what’s wrong, but it seems surreal to me. I talked to my sister, who’s not into politics at all, and she said, ‘Yes, I saw the same thing.’ He was not in shock. He was not in pain. If I had had those type of injuries, I’d be screaming in agony.”

Tremblay based her theory on a photograph of the carnage, and apparently it didn’t dawn on her that everyone reacts differently to pain, stress, and shock during traumatic events and that a picture represents only a snapshot, a fraction of a second in time.

Now Tremblay is facing even more backlash from constituents and the New Hampshire Republican Party.

State Republican Chair Jennifer Horn condemned Tremblay’s words, saying:

“There is no place for a person who would make such insensitive and abhorrent statements in the Republican Party or in New Hampshire State government. She is unfit to serve in public office, and as a result she has been banned from receiving any support from the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.”

Of course, no active Republican has yet to call for Tremblay to resign, which drew a condemnation from the state Democratic Party, but former state GOP Chairmen are doing what active Republicans lack the courage to do.

According to the Union Leader, “Former state GOP Chair Steve Dupree posted on his Facebook page shortly after Tremblay’s remarks on Bauman that she is a, “nutcase,” and should resign immediately. “She is a disgrace to not only the Republican Party of New Hampshire but to all decent people,” Dupree said. Fergus Cullen, also a former state GOP chair, responded to Dupree’s Facebook post by saying, “Thanks for speaking publicly Steve. The crazies have been killing our brand and, until recently, too many GOP leaders in positions of responsibility were turning a deaf ear to it. This is a necessary first step toward re-earning trust from voters.”

Cullen is absolutely correct. Crazy conservatives have all but taken over the Republican in the last few years and if Republicans want to be seen positively be voters in future elections they’d be better off excommunicating the crazies from the party entirely and permanently. But that’s a decision for currently serving Republicans to make and if they are too cowardly to do so, the voters likely will not be so timid to do the responsible thing for them and not only punish nutty Republicans, but also the ones who refused to ouster insanity when they had the chance.


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  • No Mr. Keen, this democrat does not vote along party lines. Next question indeed.

    Obviously, empathy is not a prerequisite for Republican Candidancy.

  • can she be recalled?

  • LumineHall

    “Crazy conservatives have all but taken over the Republican in the last few years and if Republicans want to be seen positively be voters in future elections they’d be better off excommunicating the crazies from the party entirely and permanently.”

    I disagree — Republicans should stick to their values and nominate more unique non-conformist individuals, alienate more racial/gender/class/orientation groups, push more conspiracy theories, replace more science with religion, and call more ordinary citizens sluts and moochers. Moderate and independent voters are only turned off by quasi-moderate conservatives because they see them as half-hearted, without the guts to commit to true conservatism.

    In all seriousness, I don’t disagree, but… if Republicans manage to win the White House and the Senate in 2016 (or the Senate in 2014), are sites like Breitbart, redstate, glennbeck, infowars, and worldnetdaily going to offer one iota of advice on how Democrats can appeal more to voters and do better next time? Then again, Karl Rove’s current effort is already bent on ousting the crazies, albeit with the goal of running normal-seeming candidates who can avoid saying inane things about rape, but still share essentially the same crazy agenda.

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