Rush Limbaugh Whining Over Blame For Millions In Losses: Boycotters Doing Happy Dance

No Rush.

Rumor has it that Rush Limbaugh will leave the Cumulus radio network. Last night Politico reported an insider leak about Limbaugh’s impending demise, and 20 news organizations have picked it up. This is music to the ears of “Ditto Head” haters and boycotters. The bilious radio host is reportedly upset because Cumulus CEO, Lewis W. Dickey publicly blames him for the mega network’s millions in losses since Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke attack in March 2012. Yesterday, the Daily News reported Limbaugh claiming he isn’t to blame for his network’s plummeting advertising revenue. Though, if he didn’t know — on least on some level — he’s to blame, Limbaugh undoubtedly would have started a lawsuit by now.

According to Politico, Cumulus reported $5.5 million in losses for its biggest three radio stations in August 2012, and in March Dickey vaguely stated that ad revenue has, “been challenged… due to some of the issues that happened a year ago.” Despite the ad boycotts, The Rush Limbaugh Show has the highest radio talk show ratings in the U.S.

Oh poor Rush Limbaugh. They’re badmouthing him and possibly even dumping him. Should we give him some cheese and crackers to go with his “whine?” Politico claims the leak comes from someone “close to the show,” who also “described Dickey’s remarks about advertising revenue as unjustified, and said such ‘criticism’ of Limbaugh had resulted in the consideration to leave the company.” Well yeah. Wouldn’t Limbaugh want to see something leaked that makes him look good, and as though he was the one leaving Cumulus rather than the other way around?

Although lots of people eagerly await news of Limbaugh’s demise, no one will know for sure until tomorrow, when Cumulus releases their first quarter earnings report and Dickey makes an official statement. Let’s hope, for their sake, their earnings are better than Limbaugh’s parent company, Clear Channel, which reported a $203 million loss in revenue, compared to a $143 million loss last year at this time. This is clear proof the Limbaugh protests, boycotts and petitions are making a huge impact. Clear Channel’s bad news came Thursday after the bell and quickly spread throughout social media.

I have no sympathy for Cumulus CEO, Dickey; Clear Channel CEO, Bob Pittman; or Clear Channel President John Sykes. And I have only delight for Rush Limbaugh’s predicament, as I witness the collapsing of his smut empire. These men have allowed racism, sexism and gay-hating bigotry to broadcast on our public airwaves for too long.

Much of the latest bad news for Rush, is due to the many Limbaugh protests, boycotts and petitions. Facebook’s Boycott-Rush-Limbaughs-Sponsors-to-SHUT-HIM-DOWN page picked up close to 1,000 new members over the weekend bringing the membership up to nearly 55,000.

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(The author, Leslie Salzillo, is an activist, political commentator, diarist and visual artist. Salzillo often writes diaries in Daily Kos, and began contributing to in March 2013.)