Rape Comments End California Republican’s Career

Celeste Greig, former president of the California Republican Assembly

Image from Jezebel

In March, California GOP Assembly President Celeste Greig made inflammatory comments regarding rape pregnancy. When asked about her opinion of Todd Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comment, Grieg said,

“Granted, the percentage of pregnancies due to rape is small because it’s an act of violence, because the body is traumatized. I don’t know what percentage of pregnancies are due to the violence of rape. Because of the trauma the body goes through, I don’t know what percentage of pregnancy results from the act.”

Last weekend, those comments came back to haunt Grieg as the California Republican Assembly narrowly voted to oust her as their leader. The San Jose Mercury News reports,

“The CRA, which Ronald Reagan once called the “conscience of the Republican Party,” ousted Greig as president last weekend in an 84-78 vote at its convention, replacing her with John Briscoe, a 63-year-old accountant from Fountain Valley. Briscoe’s campaign manager, Aaron Park, a conservative blogger from the Sacramento area, said Greig’s comment that pregnancy by rape is rare “because the body is traumatized” was “embarrassing” and led to a collapse of her support among CRA members. He added that her failure to address the blowback compounded the problem.”

Grieg is just the latest Republican to suffer the consequences of making inflammatory rape comments. This past November saw Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lose their Senate races in Missouri and Indiana, both of which are red states. It’s disappointing, however, that the vote to oust Grieg was so close. The so-called “conscience of the Republican Party” only voted her out by six votes. If Republicans truly had a conscience, Grieg should have been voted out by a landslide. Sadly, the vote reveals that many Republicans supported Grieg’s echo of Todd Akin and shows that Republicans still haven’t learned their lesson when it comes to their beliefs about rape. Clearly, voters have to punish more Republicans at the ballot box to make it clear that the GOP view of rape is rejected by the people.