UPDATE: Conservative Co-Author Of Racist Immigration Report Resigns Amidst Controversy


Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Dr. Jason Richwine was recently covered in an Addicting Info report. For a quick recap, Dr. Richwine landed in hot water after it was revealed that he had written a paper in 2009 entitled “IQ and Immigration Policy.” In this paper, Dr. Richwine makes the claim that Hispanic immigrants consistently demonstrate lower IQ scores, and that, “(d)espite built-in advantages, too many Hispanic natives are not adhering to standards of behavior that separate middle and working class neighborhoods from the barrio.” Dr. Richwine goes on to say that “the low average IQ of Hispanics is effectively permanent.”

In an oh-so-stunning development, Dr. Richwine has resigned from the organization. Richwine came under attack after the Washington Post made public his dissertation, in which he states that Hispanic immigrants and their offspring will, in effect, never be as intelligent as “whites.” 

Mike Gonzalez, Vice President of Communications for the Heritage Foundation, spoke on Friday to the Washington Examiner, confirming that the controversial analyst had resigned his position. This comes after an earlier statement from the conservative think-tank aiming to distance itself from Richwine’s controversial claims. The Heritage Foundation has already removed Richwine’s profile from their website.

No word on whether Mr. Gonzalez, himself Cuban, found Richwine’s dissertation as offensive as the rest of us.