Clearly Forgetting His Bush Years, Dick Cheney Calls Benghazi ‘Worst Incident’ During His Career (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney and his spin on the ‘truth’; image@ThirdAge

Dick Cheney and his spin on the ‘truth’; image@ThirdAge

We live in exhaustive political times, when partisanship and the gasping hyperbole of a party that has not only lost its footing but its standing with the American public drives it to assert ‘truths’ and false scenarios in desperate hope of holding on… to what? Truth doesn’t seem to be in play here, as it often isn’t in matters of politics. And now we have former Vice President Dick Cheney stepping into the Benghazi fray to make a statement that seriously boggles the mind:

“I think it’s one of the worst incidents, frankly, that I can recall in my career.”

Really?? Really, Mr. Cheney? The WORST?

I don’t know if he’s been away too long, has been weakened by his physical maladies, or is just plain losing his memory, but when the man who was vice president at the time of 9/11 (with its many well-documented missed warnings); WMD (called “the greatest intelligence failure in living memory” and the lie that led to the Iraq war); the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame (believed to be retaliation for her husband’s rebuttal of to faulty intelligence on the Iraq run-up); the war in Afghanistan that many believe lost focus due to the Iraq incursion (with both wars costing $3.1 trillion and counting); Abu Ghraib, the appalling response to Hurricane Katrina; the stock market crash and subsequent recession… when the man who was vice president during all of this says Benghazi is the “worst incident” he can recall in his career, I’d guess he has surely lost his mind.

Or it’s that other thing; that thing where people in positions of power knowingly spin, twist, and corrupt the truth as an intentional ploy, subscribing to the “big lie” theory, which posits that if you tell a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it (some version of which has often been attributed to Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels). The administration of George Bush, with his vice president Dick Cheney by his side (or, as some believe, pulling the levers from above), has been depicted as the most “mendacious” in history. Which makes it all the more galling, if not outright insane, for Cheney to make the assertions he has. But truth has never stopped him before; why now?

He extrapolated further with Sean Hannity over at Fox News:

 “They lied,” Cheney said. “They claimed it was because of a demonstration video so that they wouldn’t have to admit it was really all about their incompetence.”

Well, if anyone knows about lying it would be Dick Cheney, even if he’s lying about who’s lying about what the supposed lie is. But he goes on:

“If they told the truth about Benghazi, that it was a terrorist attack by an Al-Qaeda-led group, it would destroy the confidence that was the basis of his campaign for reelection.”

“They were trying to perpetuate this fiction that there was no terrorist threat because they got bin Laden and that’s a lie.”

Wait, what? What’s a lie? That they got bin Laden? Or that because they got bin Laden there wasn’t a threat? Or that telling ‘the truth’ about what happened would give the election to Romney? Or that ANY terrorist attack during a campaign would make people vote for someone other than the person who was president during that terrorist attack? Huh?

If you’re confused, don’t worry… clearly Cheney is as well.

Every American in this country (I’m pretty sure) wants truth to be the guide in how our country is governed. Regardless of party, person or outcome, I, for one, want truth to be told, revealed, and followed with appropriate consequences. But when ‘truth’ is mangled and manipulated to serve one party’s agenda (see all the above) and ‘truth’ is used as a bludgeon to attack and criticize the opposing side inaccurately to score points with party faithful, ‘truth’ becomes as undependable as those supposedly wielding it.

Truth, with no ironic quotes, is about what actually happened, whatever that is, with clarity, with fact, without spin. If the unbridled hate the right has for Obama, for Hillary Clinton, for others in the administration is so great, so rabid, that they would sacrifice truth to spin, hyperbolize, fabricate and exaggerate to take them down, to pervert a tragedy to serve their political purposes, then TRUTH is what has suffered most in this recent debacle. The event was bad enough; using it as a partisan weapon is, frankly, amoral.

Dick Cheney has one of the darkest records of anyone in political history (beyond the above, consider Halliburton and Blackwater); he has participated in an administration that many the world over believe should be tried for war crimes, and he has involved himself in some of the most egregious decisions ever made by an American vice president. So it behooves anyone who might even remotely buy into his spin on the Benghazi tragedy to… consider the source.

It’s Dick Cheney, after all.

Here’s the video:



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