Fox News Sinks To A New Low And Edits Obama’s Comments About Benghazi (VIDEO)


Fox News has gone and done it again; they’ve once again proved that they are not an actual news source. They have shown that they are nothing more than a far right propaganda machine whose sole purpose is to destroy any credibility the President has with its viewers. This time they have once again sunk to an unbelievable all too common low and edited a statement made by President Obama so that he is perceived as a man who hates America and cares nothing about the lives lost in the September 11th attack in Benghazi. During a May 13th press conference the president responded to a question about the attack in Benghazi.

Gretchen Carlson accused the president of dismissing the victims of the attack as a ‘sideshow’ on Fox & Friends. She continues her manufactured outrage by saying that nobody has been apprehended for the attack (I’m sure their audience now believes the perpetrators are dining with Obama in the White House) and she says that the memos on the attack were changed twelve times. WOW! What a heartless bastard President Obama must be to dismiss the attacks! He MUST be impeached!!! Of course, what she fails to mention in her cute little tirade about the president is that the clip of the statement Fox is playing is missing half of the statement. I mean cute in the most condescending way possible, by the way.

Here is the clip Fox played courtesy of Mediamatters:

OH MY GOD! How dare he!! We should all be so offended because Fox is telling us to be offended! That was just horrible to watch, even the caption at the bottom of the screen,”Dismissing Dead Americans,” points out what a horrible president he is! Well it’d be outrageous if you didn’t take a whole two minutes and search for the remark in its entirety.
Here is what Obama actually said:

Now the picture is a lot clearer; the president did not in any way shape or form dismiss dead Americans. As a matter of fact, the entire first portion, roughly one and half minutes, of his comment discussed the fact that Americans died and the administration is doing what it can to stop that from happening again. Fox News just left that part out and why? Well because they can’t have their viewers thinking the president actually cares about this country because that does not further their agenda. Fox News claims that it is ‘Fair and Balanced,’ but it is nothing more than the right arm of the Republican Party. Fox News exists to spread lies about the president, his administration and Democrats at large. They have no problem lying to further that agenda and that is precisely why they continue to shine a great big conspiracy spotlight on Benghazi. It does not matter to fox that the cover-up myths have been debunked; they do not care. And their carelessness is why in poll after poll they consistently have the least informed viewers. Because it is a helluva lot easier to control the sheeple if you dumb them down. Fox news doesn’t present news; it brings tin foil hat fairy tales to cable TV and passes them off as news stories.

Bravo Fox & Friends, troll on.