Kermit Gosnell Convicted Of 3 Murders – Proves Need For Safe & Legal Abortions (VIDEO)

Kermit Gosnell

Kermit Gosnell, 72, has been found guilty for the first degree murders of three infants, and one count of manslaughter for the death of a female patient. This is a very sad day in America, and for both sides of the abortion issue. It’s important to remember the main issue in this case is not about abortion. It is about a murderous man who took advantage of, and preyed on, lower-income women who were desperate. And this is about why we need to maintain safe and legal medical facilities and medical providers to ensure this does not happen again.

The Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia could have been plucked right out of the 1950’s, when abortions were illegal. Back then, women had no choice but to succumb to butchers on the street, or die by their own hands using crude instruments like coat-hangers or dangerous drugs and chemicals to induce an abortion. Many women and teenagers died, because they did not have the right to make their own reproductive choices. They sought illegal measures in desperation – and it killed them.

Kermit Gosnell was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, for over-drugging a patient with a dangerous and cheaper medication called Demerol. Karnamaya Mongar was a 41-year old mother of three children. She stopped breathing while in the waiting room, and died soon after. This is how it was for women before Roe v. Wade.

Photo: This is the “sterile” environment Gosnell performed his butchery in.

After the verdict was released, we asked Karen Teegarden, President/CEO of for a statement:

“Dr. Gosnell’s practice represents the worst kind of exploitation and is precisely why we need to protect access to safe and legal abortions in every state. Back alley abortions, which are the equivalent to his methods, will only increase with legislation that limits a woman’s access, especially lower-income women. Safe and legal abortions must be be afforded to all women.”

The grand jury investigation for this case reads like a horror story. Gosnell delivered babies live, then killed them by stabbing/snipping them in the back of the neck, with scissors, to sever their spines. Witnesses and some of the unlicensed staff  said many of the babies were moving/crying before being murdered. Another witness said that Gosnell actually joked about killing one of the larger babies, saying the baby was big enough to walk him to the bus. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty. The jury will return Tuesday to hear evidence, as to whether Gosnell should get the death penalty.

Here is PBS news reporting:

As a mother and a longtime pro-choice activist, I am sick, angered, and appalled that this could happen in this day and age, and I have to wonder how many more  illegal abortion clinics may be out there. This is why I join the millions who continue to support and defend organizations like Planned Parenthood, where safe and legal abortions take place, in regulated, sanitary, and licensed facilities. Women’s rights organizations,, and NFA all fight diligently to keep abortion safe under U.S. law. It is hard to believe Gosnell was able to get away with such atrocities for years, while legitimate licensed abortion providers, were being murdered in cold-blood by extremist groups, at legal health clinics. Planned Parenthood facilities have been bombed, set on fire, gassed  and vandalized. A month ago, a man axed his way into a Planned Parenthood building, before the facility opened, claiming his religion drove him to break in and create destruction.

Perhaps the Gosnell case will bring more light and understanding to the importance of keeping abortion legal. Perhaps it will lead anti-choice lawmakers to move away from trying to ban a women’s right to choose, and instead look at how we can alleviate the amount of abortions. Perhaps lawmakers will learn to support free and accessible birth control – which lead to fewer unintended pregnancies – which lead to fewer abortions. Isn’t that what we all want?

“If These Walls Could Talk,” is a powerful trilogy starring pro-choice activist actors, including: Demi Moore, Cher, and Sissy Spacek playing the parts of three different women who live in the same house at different times; 1952, 1974 and 1996. The film shows what each woman had to endure after realizing her unintended pregnancy. One women was a nurse, so desperate, after being unable to obtain an affordable and legal abortion, she opted like many others in her day, to perform an abortion on herself, with a knitting needle. Many women died horrible deaths. This true-to-life movie will shock and remind most of why we fight so hard for to keep abortion safe, affordable, accessible and legal. Sadly even today,  –our fight is far from over.

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