Boehner Says He Cares About Jobs While Republicans Have Wasted 15 Percent Of House Time On Obamacare

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is doing his absolute best to make no sense at all, it would seem. Take the following Facebook post, for example:


The reason it doesn’t make sense is because it doesn’t seem like a politician would directly and so obviously lie. I mean, we know they lie, but you’d think he’d need to be better at it to be where he’s at. Jobs? Really, John? How many jobs bills have you submitted since the 2012 election cycle?


How many jobs bills have passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives?

Also zero.

He spoke the truth when he stated that their committees are trying hard to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. The main obstacle to their pursuit of information is the complete lack of any semblance of intelligence to comprehend it with — or, in some cases, the inability to act with any degree of competency. Not only was the evidence of a cover-up published by ABC sourced from a doctored email, but the extreme Republican hypocrisy is turning into negative press.

Some of the comments were worth saving:

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Let’s also remember that Boehner is the effective leader of Republicans in the House, making him able to largely control the issues the House concentrates on. It’s definitely worth mentioning that Republicans have wasted an amazing 15 percent of House time in 37 (and counting) votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The New York Times reported on that yesterday, saying, “The repeal vote, which is likely to occur Thursday, will be at least the 43rd day since Republicans took over the House that they have devoted time to voting on the issue.” The article went on to state, “That means that since 2011, Republicans have spent no less than 15 percent of their time on the House floor on repeal in some way.”

Think Progress also commented:

By some earlier estimations, Republicans in the 112th Congress wasted about 90 hours and $50 million dollars on their multiple failed efforts to get rid of the health reform law. This new Congress is shaping up to be no different. Even though Republicans have admitted they have lost on Obamacare, and are even acknowledging that their future repeal efforts will fail, they have continued to block legislative efforts to amend the health reform law in favor of stubbornly opposing it altogether.

Where are those jobs bills, Boehner?

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