New Poll Results Shows GOP Has Lost Favor Among Record Breaking Percentage Of Americans

Lowest favorability since when??; image@Facebook/RBHFLAD

Lowest favorability since when??; image@Facebook/RBHFLAD

Republicans have finally done it. They’ve managed to do their jobs so horribly that their favorability rating has fallen right off a cliff into record-breaking territory.

A new CNN poll reveals that an astounding 59% of Americans view Republicans unfavorably. This development comes on the heels of a recent poll showing that President Obama’s job approval rating has risen.

According to Business Insider:

The Republican Party’s net favorability ratings are down 8 points in the past two months. The amount of respondents viewing the GOP favorably fell from 38 percent to 35 percent, while the number of people who view the party unfavorably climbed five points, up from 54 percent in March.

The poll also shows that 42% believe that the GOP is overreacting about the IRS investigation of Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status. 54% seem to think Republicans are reacting appropriately to the situation even though liberals groups are being investigated as well. Of course, Republicans knew about the IRS situation in July 2012 and didn’t show the same kind of outrage they are now showing.

The supposed Benghazi scandal is also falling apart for Republicans. A new report indicates that Republicans doctored White House emails in an effort to prove that a scandal actually existed. As it turns out, the only scandal here is that Republicans lied, created false information, made false claims, and wasted taxpayer dollars holding investigation after investigation to keep their witch hunting operation against President Obama alive and well.

Furthermore, the CNN poll shows that a majority of Americans believe that Obama is telling the truth about his non-involvement in the IRS situation. In other words, Republicans have zero credibility and Americans know it. 59% of Americans is record-breaking. Since CNN began tracking favorability in 1992, Republicans have never had a lower rating. Their previous low came during their refusal to raise the debt ceiling in 2011.

If Republicans continue to push on Benghazi and the IRS, and continue to ignore and obstruct legislation that Americans support, they can expect their poll numbers to get progressively worse, and that doesn’t bode well considering that the 2014 election is only a year and a half away. Perhaps then Republicans will finally suffer the consequences they have been begging for since 2009.