Leader Of Anti-Abortion Group Thinks Rapes Are Like Car Accidents And Victims Should Pay For Abortions

Barbara Listing - screenshot

Barbara Listing – screenshot

Every once in a while a right-wing lunatic says something so outrageous that we all pause for a minute and ask,”WTF?” One example of this was when Rep.Todd Akin declared that rape victims rarely get pregnant during a ‘legitimate rape’ because a woman’s body turns into some sort of anti-rape machine and shuts the whole thing down. Barbara Listing, leader of Michigan pro-fetus group, Right To Life, just defeated reigning champion Akin for title of ‘Most Asinine Rape Comment Ever Made,’ I’ll get to the comment in a moment but first some background information.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers approved a group’s proposal to collect signatures for a ballot initiative. The group called No Taxes for Abortion Insurance wants a measure on the next ballot that would ban insurance coverage for elective abortions even in the case of rape and incest unless businesses and individuals also had supplemental insurance specifically for abortions. Last year, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a similar law saying that it did not go far enough to protect rape victims. Now the anti-abortion activists seek to bypass Snyder; petitioners have 180 days anytime within the next year to gather at least  258,088 signatures and the legislature could either adopt it or put it on the 2014 ballots. Legislation brought forth by citizens, like this one, is veto-proof, therefore it would be safe from Snyder. Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life lawyer says that the law that the Governor vetoed and the new initiative are in part due to the need to protect ‘babies’ conceived through rape from abortion:

“The petition drive is to override Governor Snyder’s veto of the opt out of abortion coverage in Obamacare,” she explained to LifeNews. “Governor Snyder had issued a letter at the end of December stating that he vetoed the bill because it did not have a rape exception. Right to Life of Michigan tried to convince Governor Snyder to pass the bill without an exception but he refused. Therefore they decided to embark on this very costly endeavor of collecting 258,088 signatures within 180 days, which Right to Life of Michigan is confident they will achieve. This sets a great example to the pro-life movement that the least of these are worth fighting for,” she said.

Because, of course, there’s nothing better than forcing a rape victim to carry a pregnancy to term that is a result of a brutal rape. How sweet of the pro-life movement of Michigan to be so thoughtful about the damaging effects that might have on a woman.

No, here’s where the WTF?! moment comes in. Barbara Listing, the leader of Right to Life, was asked by a reporter how can a woman be expected to buy abortion insurance in anticipation of being raped and she responded:

“Nobody plans to have an accident in a car accident, nobody plans to have their homes flooded. You have to buy extra insurance for those two.”

That’s right folks, she just compared rape to a car accident. Because being thrown down and having your clothes ripped off by some predator and being brutally raped is totally the same thing as someone rear-ending you. I believe that is right up there with Akin’s asinine comment.

Pro-fetus groups have got to be the most insensitive people in the world. While this is the first time I’ve ever heard an abortion compared to a car accident it is not the first time I’ve seen complete disregard for victims of rape or incest. That behavior is common. A common argument among the pro-fetus crowd is that rapes and incest hardly ever lead to pregnancies. How, exactly, they know that when roughly 54% of rapes are not even reported, is beyond me.

They need to just start being honest: they do not care how violently someone is raped as long as they can control the choice the victim makes in regards to her own body. That’s what it is about: control. It surely isn’t about protecting children because the same groups that do not support a woman’s right to choose also would love to do away with the social programs that help care for poor children. Republicans do not care about children. At least not needy ones.

What’s more is that the reason a woman has an abortion is nobody’s business; quite frankly, she doesn’t have to explain her reasoning; it is a private medical decision. Hopefully the measure will fail, Rick Snyder’s veto will stand, and women in Michigan will not have any more of their rights chipped away.