Anonymous Helps Westboro Hate Group Raise Reported $8,000 For Tornado Victims

File photo of a member of Westboro Baptist Church (© Rex Features)

 (Photo: MSN Now)

What’s that? The infamous hate group, WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) was taking donations for Oklahoma Tornado victims? Wait. Are we talking about the same group that tried to picket the funerals of Boston Marathon bomb victims and the children killed in the Sandy Hook elementary massacre? WBC is now a loving giving tree?

Well no. Not really. Not by choice.

Apparently a designated Oklahoma tornado WBC website,, was hacked by Anonymous this week. The hactivists found a way to direct visitors from the WBC site to a Red Cross donation site, automatically. (I do love this story.)

When people would go to visit Westboro Baptist Church, they would see photo of ‘Jesus’ giving the middle finger and a message:

 “Westboro Faptist Church — Even Jesus Hates You.” (Faptist being a reference to the word “fap,” Internet slang for “masturbate”).

Photo: Cropped Picture Of ‘Jesus’ Giving Middle Finger

Reports, say, below the image read:

‘On the 8th day, God created hackers, and he saw that it was good.’ From the Gospel according to @th3j35t3r Redirecting in 5 seconds…….”

Then visitors were taken to a Red Cross donation site for victims of the storm. The Twitter account referenced, @th3j35t3r, belongs to “Jester,” who is well known as a hacker. As of this writing, I could not open the page, GodHatesOklahoma. It’s reported the Red Cross took in 8k from donations during the Anonymous hacking stunt.

Though the hacking here is humorous, it’s hard to find humor in Westboro Baptist Church. They are quite an evil gang with a website called ‘,’ and known for ‘preying’ on and picketing families of victims who have been killed, often in horrible ways. WBC originated in Kansas, where they are also based. They began receiving media attention when the appeared on CNN, after picketing Matthew Shepard‘s funeral, a boy who died a victim of a gay hate crime. Fred Phelps, is the leader of West Baptist Church. Ironically, there are reports from some who left the group that say Phelps may be homosexual himself.

I’m grateful for Anonymous. They are known by many as being truth seekers, and there are some who find Anonymous tactics too radical. Either way, Anonymous continues to do good deeds. In the last several months, Anonymous jumped in, to help with several slow-to-solve rape cases, a CSPA internet blackout, a Guantanamo Prison Camp protest, and a child porn site hacking. All the while they continue to aggravate Westboro Baptist Chuch as much as possible. I see Anonymous as fascinating — and I have come to ‘expect them.’

Here’s a link to finding several ways to help Oklahoma Tornado Victims.

The author, Leslie Salzillo, is an activist, political commentator, diarist and visual artist. Salzillo often writes diaries in Daily Kos, and began contributing to in March 2013.)