15-Year-Old Girl Dies After Accidental Shooting In Her Home (VIDEO)

Photo of Saylor Slone Martine, a teenager who died after a gun accidentally went off

Sadly, accidental shootings — like the one that took Saylor Slone Martine’s life — are far more common than you’d think. Photo from Facebook.

15-year-old Saylor Slone Martine died this weekend after an accidental shooting in her home. 5NewsOnline reports that the Leflore County, Oklahoma teen and her 12-year-old sister, Savannah, had been “handling a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun,” and then “put it down on the counter.” When Martine reached for her cell phone, which had also been placed on the counter, the gun fired. LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale told reporters that the girl had “sustained life-threatening injuries” and was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa, where she died. He added that the girls’ mother was outside when the shooting occurred and that it “looks pretty clear-cut accidental.” Neither sister was holding the gun when it unexpectedly fired. Seale suspects that the gun had a “manufacturing defect.”

Scott Harrison, the family’s pastor at the First Assembly of God church, told the Channel 5 news team that the death has had a big impact on their church and community:

“In a town this size, you know everybody. Doesn’t mean you’re friends with everyone, but you know everyone. So, when something like this happens, you just tend to draw close to each other, and that’s how you make it through it. When we were out here on the playground, [Marine would] always take care of Savannah. She’d always make sure the bigger kids didn’t mess with her.”

He then points to his heart and adds, “What you can’t take away are the memories you have right here.”

Here’s the video:

Sadly, accidental shootings are far more common than you’d think. AI’s Rika Christensen wrote in a previous article:

200 people in the U.S. go to the ER every single day with gunshot wounds. Not every month, or every year, every day. With statistics like these, it’s really a wonder that more isn’t done. And yet, that’s what we see. Most states don’t require a safety course to purchase a gun, though there are some that do require one before a gun owner can obtain a concealed carry permit. The term “responsible gun owner” gets bandied about but, truth is, the gun-owning community doesn’t actually seem to realize how dangerous – indeed, how lethal – guns actually are.

Why do we require people to pass a written and a road test to drive a car, but do not require people to take any safety courses before buying a gun? After all, everyone — even the most “responsible” of gun owners — makes mistakes sometimes. Requiring gun safety courses might at least raise awareness enough so people would have each other’s backs and say something about the loaded gun lying around in the room, before another day ends in tragedy.

We don’t know who owns the defective gun, where it came from, or why the girls were handling it. Ironically, the girls may have picked up the gun so they could move it to what they thought would be a safer place. Unfortunately, guns are never safe.

To offer condolences and find out how you can help, you can visit the Facebook page friends and family set up in Martine’s name.

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