Nutjob Calls For Armed Insurrection On July 4th

Pro-gun activist Adam Kokesh

As for the July 4th Gun March, I predict a handful of guys dressed up in tricorn hats, waving signs and gun sin front of a building that is marked CLOSED. Image from pro-gun activist Adam Kokesh’s web site,

Adam Kokesh, the right-wing demagogue who was organizing a march in Washington D.C. for the 4th of July, has decided to try another tactic. He has instead called for 50 “Revolutionary Armies” to march on every state house in the country.

The former Russian radio host, who now has his own radio show in this country, was on with RWNJ Pete Santilli (the guy who wants to shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina) when he announced that he was escalating his tactics. The press release he read on Santilli’s show called for:

“A new American revolution” where “the American Revolutionary Army will march on each state capital to demand that the governors of these 50 states immediately initiate the process of an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property.”

Kokesh also gave the federal government a one-year deadline to comply with his demands before possibly taking violent action:

“Should one whole year from this July 4th pass while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible.”

Dude has a lot of gall, doesn’t he? A radical extremist who has ties to Russia… hmmm… Russia. Who was it that called Russia an evil empire? Oh, right! Ronald Reagan, the right’s patron Saint. So the right has gone from vilifying the “Ruskies” to following one? Good lord, they have become the enemy!

Of course, Kokesh’s cancellation of the D.C. event couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Chief  of Police for the District of Columbia, Cathy Lanier, has said that anyone who crosses into her city with a weapon will be arrested, telling a local news show:

“Passing into the District of Columbia with loaded firearms is a violation of the law and we’ll have to treat it as such.”

No. Of course not. Kokesh was careful to make sure the event was publicized as “non-violent.” Unless the government “chooses to make it violent.” Ohhhhhh… kind of like a drunken guy at closing time who tries to make others start the fighting: “Wanna make something of it?” Gotcha.

So now he expects his followers to take up their arms – still on July 4th – and march on every state house to demand their legislatures call for an immediate dissolution of the federal government, secede from the United States and reclaim any federal lands for the state. Kokesh told Santilli that this “orderly peaceful dissolution” would prevent what he called a “chaotic collapse” of the federal government. He said it would be the last chance to “do it the easy way.” Because elections don’t work fast enough for him and his acolytes.

As for what we will see on July 4th, I predict a handful of guys dressed up in tricorn hats, waving signs in one hand and their guns in the other and milling about in front of a building that will be CLOSED. Didn’t think of that, didja Sparky? It should be good for a few laughs. But seriously now, we have a word for people like Adam Kokesh: insurrectionist. Traitor works, too. Most of these folks who claim to love the Constitution do so only when it suits their selfish worldview. It’s high time that the ones who are actually calling for armed overthrow of the federal government be charged with what that sacred paper describes that activity to be: treason.

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