The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives And Their Organizations

Author: June 9, 2013 12:01 am

Watch out for dangerous conservatives!

America has enemies. Not just abroad, but within our shores as well. And our domestic enemies, as it turns out, are MORE dangerous and destructive than the terrorists could ever hope to be. Because while the terrorists want to destroy us, the following people and their organizations are doing far more damage.

1. Roger Ailes: The President of Fox News keeps the right-wing mouth piece biased and unbalanced. He literally proposed a right-wing news network as a propaganda tool to use during the Nixon Administration. And now, Fox News makes every effort to slander Democrats, lie to the public, and support conservative groups, activists and politicians at all costs.

Want to tell Ailes what you think of him? Feel free to contact Fox News Channel by mail, phone, or email.

FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-301-3000

2. The Koch Brothers: Yes, there is more than one Koch brother, but rather than jotting down the same paragraph twice, it makes more sense to combine the two. Charles and David Koch are the owners of Koch Industries, a private oil and chemicals company. They have spent big money in elections and have pretty much bought and paid for all of Republicans that sit on the energy committee. They also have ties to The John Birch Society, of which their father was a founding member, and several other conservative think tanks and organizations including, Americans For Prosperity which David Koch leads as chairman, the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and the Cato Institute. They helped create and fund the Tea Party and have been very influential in the watering down of environmental laws and the destruction of unions. If you really want to see the scope of their influence look at what is happening in Wisconsin and in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I know you must be dying to contact Koch Industries to give them your opinion, so here’s how you can do that.

Koch Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 2256
Wichita, KS 67201-2256
[email protected]

3. Dick Armey: His FreedomWorks organization helped to create the Tea Party and he has worked closely with the Koch brothers. Armey’s organization seeks to deregulate and tear down reform. He opposed health care reform and is largely responsible for hatred, paranoia and anti-government sentiments displayed at town halls during the health care debate.

400 North Capitol Street, NW
Suite 765
Washington, DC 20001
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-564-6273
Local Phone: 202-783-3870
Fax: 202-942-7649

4. Tom Donohue: The US Chamber Of Commerce President gained a hell of a lot more power in the wake of the Citizens United ruling. The Chamber is the largest conservative lobbying group in the country. Representing big corporations more than small businesses, the Chamber opposed health care reform and Wall Street reform. The group is in favor of tearing down any and every law designed to protect the American worker. Donohue once stated that “there are legitimate values in outsourcing — not only jobs, but work….” and once told unemployed people in Ohio to “stop whining”. So, not only is he for deregulation, he supports job killing policies. That is a double dose of dangerous.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20062-2000
Main Number: 202-659-6000
Phone: 1-800-638-6582

5. Tony Perkins: Perkins is the President of the Family Research Council, a hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Council opposes abortion for any reason, believes homosexuality should be against the law, believes in teaching “intelligent design” in schools, and believes global warming is a hoax. FRC was listed as a hate group after it falsely linked gay males to pedophilia. It basically lobbies the government to make laws that govern our personal and private lives. The Council is a Christian Right-wing organization that has a heavy influence on the Republican Party, hence all the abortion laws being proposed by them.

Family Research Council
801 G Street, NW
Washington DC 20001
Phone: 1-800-225-4008

6. Pat Robertson: Robertson founded the Christian Coalition in 1989 and claims to be non-partisan. The problem with this claim is that it’s a bunch of crap. The Christian Coalition passes out “voter guides” in churches and yet is granted tax exempt status. It clearly supports a conservative agenda and is associated with Christian fundamentalism. It is yet another group that believes that America should be a Christian state. They are a threat to the Constitution.

Mailing address:
Christian Coalition of America
PO Box 37030
Washington, DC 20013-7030
Phone: 202-479-6900

7. Edwin Feulner, Jr.: Feulner is the President of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that took a leading role in the conservative movement during the 1980’s and continues to push conservative ideals today. The Foundation has strong ties to many Republican politicians, and many Heritage personnel members have gone on to serve in senior governmental roles. Not only does it stand by supply side economics and tax cuts for the rich and corporations which led to the current economic crisis, it also believes in a strong defense which has become more and more expensive. Heritage Foundation is also a part of the Koch Foundation Associate Program and is perhaps the most powerful public policy think tank on this list. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has taken money from the organization. It has far too much influence on American policy and that influence must be brought to an end.

The Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington DC 20002-4999
Phone: 202-546-4400

8. Arthur Thompson: Thompson leads the radical right-wing John Birch Society, which is yet another organization that has Koch family connections. Founded in 1958 by Robert Welch, Jr., the John Birch Society is an anti-communism group that has pretty much denounced every liberal person and policy as socialist. It opposes the Civil Rights Act, the United Nations, and believes in immigration reduction. It aims to dismantle the Federal Reserve System and wants to return to the gold standard. The group is a sponsor of CPAC and is no longer exiled from the mainstream. Another interesting fact is that Fred Koch, father of the aforementioned Koch brothers, was a founding member.

John Birch Society
770 N. Westhill Blvd
Appleton, Wisconsin 54914
Phone: 920-749-3780

9. Rupert Murdoch: Known as “the man who owns the news”, Murdoch controls a vast media empire around the world including Fox News, The New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal here in America. Advertising his media outlets as “fair and balanced” Murdoch and his News Corporation relentlessly push conservative talking points and provide campaign donations to many Republicans running for various positions. News Corporation now has to answer for hacking cell phones and impeding investigations. Long the mouthpiece for Republican propaganda, Murdoch is a threat to Freedom of the Press and the foundations that keep America free.

If you want to contact News Corporation and tell them what you think of them, here is their contact information.

News Corporation
1211 Avenue of Americas
New York, New York 10036
Phone: 212-852-7000

10. Grover Norquist: Norquist is an especially dangerous individual. In fact, at the moment, he has the most influence on Republican congressmen. Republicans in the House and Senate refuse to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy and Norquist and his group, Americans For Tax Reform, have made sure Republicans continue to do so. 235 members of the House and 41 Senators signed the Norquist pledge to not raise taxes and now our economic future hangs in the balance. Norquist is basically calling the shots and holding America hostage on behalf of the rich. And he isn’t even an elected official.

Americans for Tax Reform
722 12th Street, NW
Fourth Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Office: 202-785-0266
Fax: 202-785-0261

11. David Bossie: Citizens United isn’t just a bad Supreme Court ruling. Citizens United is the conservative organization that the conservative majority of the Supreme Court ruled in favor of in 2010. Founded in 1988, located near Capitol Hill, and led by President and Chairman David Bossie, Citizens United’s goals include withdrawal from the United Nations, and defeat of campaign finance laws, among others. They also produce “documentaries” that serve the conservative agenda. The group is mostly a threat because of their fight to allow corporate ownership of elections. The Koch brothers, and many conservative think tanks and organizations have flooded elections with cash since the ruling. The Supreme Court decision alone is enough to put this dangerous organization and Bossie on the list.

Citizens United
1006 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
Office: (202) 547-5420
Fax: (202) 547-5421

12. Tim LaHaye and Kenneth Cribb: Once again, you’ll notice that two people occupy this spot. After some thought, I decided this was necessary to avoid repetition. Tim Lahaye founded, and Kenneth Cribb is the current President of, the Council for National Policy. The CNP is a conservative organization for social conservative activists. Described by The New York Times as a “little-known group of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country,” the organization is perhaps the most powerful group on this list. Members include many who are already on this list such as James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, Phyllis Schlafly, and Edwin Feulner Jr. What makes this group particularly dangerous is that they support theocracy and Dominionism as national policy. They are also incredibly secretive and that’s scary all by itself.

CNP is apparently so secret that no address or phone number is available, so you’ll have to email them.
[email protected]

13. Steven J. Law: Law is President and CEO of American Crossroads, a conservative organization that has raised and spent tens of millions of dollars to defend and elect Republican candidates to federal office, and was very active in the 2010 U.S. midterm elections. Basically, Law and his group are listed because they have taken advantage of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision the most since the ruling. The Kochs and Karl Rove have connections with the group and are a major reason why the House is under GOP control.

American Crossroads
P.O. Box 34413
Washington, DC 20043
Phone: ( 202) 559-6428. [email protected]

14. James Dobson: Dobson is the Family Talk radio personality and Family Research Council founder that contributes greatly to all the hate we see from conservatives. A frequent guest on Fox News, he is perhaps the most influential religious leader on the Christian-Right even though he has never been ordained. Dobson believes that women should only focus on mothering (and probably cooking too) and is totally against gay rights. He supports private schools and special tax privileges for religious schools. He opposes sex education and only supports abstinence as the only technique for pregnancy prevention. Dobson is on this list because he is the one that began all of the anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-education speeches that are now commonplace in the Republican Party.

Family Talk Radio
540 Elkton Drive
Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 877-732-6825

15. Phyllis Schlafly: She is the only woman on this list. Undoubtedly, you may have thought that Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin would be, but they are not. I consider Palin and Bachmann mere pawns compared to Schlafly. As founder and President of the Eagle Forum, Schlafly opposes feminism and equal rights for women. Eagle Forum promotes a pro-life, anti-gay, anti-sex education, and anti-vaccination agenda that has contributed to the current wave of social conservative extremism in the Republican Party. She believes women should remain in the home and that there is no such things as marital rape. She is certainly the most influential woman in right-wing activism and as such, the most dangerous one too.

Eagle Forum
PO Box 618
Alton, IL 62002
Phone: 618-462-5415
Fax: 618-462-8909 [email protected]

16. David Keene: Up to now David Keene led the American Conservative Union, which is the oldest operating conservative lobbying organization in the country. The ACU runs the event known as CPAC and spends money on lobbying and political campaigns. Keene is still the current President of the National Rifle Association. Which is also a strong lobbying group that is virtually an arm of the Republican Party that glorifies guns and believes that people should be able to carry guns anywhere they go, even near the President of the United States. Keene is mostly on this list because of the NRA. The NRA used to actually serve a valid purpose but has since become a pro-Republican political organization that has mixed guns and politics. It makes them a danger to the political process.

The American Conservative Union
1007 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-836-8602
Fax: 703-836-8606

National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 1-800-672-3888

17. Tim Wildmon: Classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Family Association is headed by Tim Wildmon. AFA is just like every other conservative Christian group. It opposes abortion and gay rights, as well as other public policy goals such as deregulation of the oil industry and lobbying against the Employee Free Choice Act. The group has actively boycotted just about any business that disagrees with them. In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, the AFA released a video in which “God” tells a student that students were killed in schools because God isn’t allowed in schools anymore and blamed the shootings on abortion and lack of prayer in schools. AFA is against all other religions and has an obsession with Christmas, often boycotting companies that do not mention Christmas in their advertising. AFA is here on this list because they represent one of the biggest threats to intellectual and personal freedom in America.

Want to boycott AFA? Send them a “friendly” letter.

American Family Association
P.O. Box 3206
Tupelo, MS 38803

18. David Barton: Despite not having any history or law credentials David Barton passes himself off as an expert in early American history. Most of his claims have been disputed and written off as false by real historians. Barton’s organization is Wallbuilders, which seeks to destroy one the basic foundations of American life: the separation of church and state. Barton’s mission is to revise history in an effort to turn America into a Christian state with Biblical law instituted as the law of the land. He has also created false quotes to justify his claims. Barton is a danger to the history of America, the Constitution, and education.

PO Box 397
Aledo, TX 76008
Phone: 817-441-6044

19. Noble Ellington: American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC. The Council is basically a pay to play organization that carries the corporate agenda into state legislatures across the country. They work to end unions, end environmental and labor regulations, and end consumer protection laws. ALEC has been funded by the Koch brothers for two decades. The price for corporate participation is an ALEC membership fee of as much as $25,000. For that price, corporations are basically writing the legislation that you are currently seeing being proposed and implemented in Republican controlled states across the country.

American Legislative Exchange Council
1101 Vermont Ave. N.W., 11th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: 202-466-3800
Fax: 202-466-3801

20. Edward H. Crane: Crane is the founder and current leader of the Cato Institute. While they have supported some liberal policies and claim to abhor neo-conservatives, the Cato Institute does push many objectives that should make everyone cringe. Among the various policies that Cato supports, privatizing Social Security, abolishing the minimum wage, abolishing affirmative action, and some environmental regulations, are among them. Of course, it’s understandable why Cato holds these positions considering Charles Koch is chairman of the board and a major funding source. Even Rupert Murdoch had a place on the board at one point which connects the Kochs and the right-wing media.

Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C. 20001-5403
Phone: 202-842-0200
Fax: 202-842-3490

And there you have it. All of these people and their organizations pose a serious threat to the American people. They target women, senior citizens, minorities, homosexuals, non-Christians, and American workers. So which person or organization is the most dangerous to democracy? The common thread throughout the list is the Koch brothers. They have ties to many of the people and organizations on the list and share many of the same goals. If one were to remove the Koch brothers from the equation an important source of funding and leadership would be eliminated from the conservative sphere. The Koch brothers are by far the biggest threat to American values and institutions. The truly evil thing about this group is that NONE of these monsters are elected by the people. Yet they have more power and influence over our elected officials and system of law and government, than we do.


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  • No small irony. That by sending ‘friendly’ letters to these folks, you use an organization that they wish to destroy: the Postal Service.

  • I can tell you that when I started teaching gifted students in 1985, Phyllis Schlafly waged war against values clarification. No moral lessons could be taught since whose moral were those? She got school board members to ask that we stop teaching values. Now, we see what she has bred. People in power with no morals, look at the GOP Candidates, their morals and values are so low, they are the opposite of a family friendly group. This is what we have gotten, people in power that are really the Phelps in disguise.

  • I’d just like to say that I looked up “” on a free WHOIS lookup service. Every domain registered is required to have certain information entered. Of course, they conceiveably could have entered bogus or “dummy” information. However, this is what was listed:

    “Registrant Organization:Council for National Policy
    Registrant Street1:1411 K Street, NW
    Registrant Street2:Suite 601
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Washington
    Registrant State/Province:District of Columbia
    Registrant Postal Code:20005
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.2022070165
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+1.2022070173
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:[email protected]

    This at least provides a street address and phone number to start with, if anyone wanted to make use of it. Happy Holidays.

    • Facts in Five

      Just wanted to say, The Scarlet PimpUrinal in literature, and in many ways history, was an agent of the Royalty working hard against the french revolution with literary conceit of “saving aristocrats from the guillotine” as wikipedia says: “League of the Scarlet Pimpernel”, a secret society of 20 English aristocrats, “one to command, and nineteen to obey” Swashbuckling 1%’ers, swooping in, as they say, to save other nice ‘cultured people’ from their fate.

      It was hard in the time to create sympathy for the absolutists in Europe, but “The Baroness’s sympathies were plainly with the aristocracy and in truth, she was more interested in telling a good tale than in strict historical accuracy. To this end, Orczy frequently distorted real historical figures and events” which guaranteed her success “allowed Orczy and her husband to live out their lives in luxury. They lived on an estate in Kent, a bustling London home and an opulent villa in Monte Carlo.”

      I’m not sure if it is your intention to emulate the “daring” company of aristocrats fighting to maintain Monarchy, or merely a veneer of swashbuckling daring do, but that is the story.

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    The radical American right controlling today’s Republican party is modeled directly after Hitler’s and Mussolini’s fascism. The idea is for a few corporations to own everything, and everyone else be uniformly poor and broken, unable to resist. Among the first moves to kick-start his movement, Hitler ended the unions, resulting in an almost immediate 25% drop in wages for former union and non-union workers, alike.

    “On May 2nd, 1933, the day after Labor day, Nazi groups occupied union halls and labor leaders were arrested. Trade Unions were outlawed by Adolf Hitler, while collective bargaining and the right to strike was abolished. This was the beginning of a consolidation of power by the fascist regime which systematically wiped out all opposition groups, starting with unions, liberals, socialists, and communists using Himmler’s state police.”

    THERE IS A REASON for the similarity. The architects of today’s depression, with names like Koch and Bush and Walker, are sons and grandsons of American corporatists who traded and collaborated with Hitler during WWII, even after we were in the war. Many were members of the American Nazi Party. Our government impounded their wealth to stop them, but returned it after the war and it has been carefully husbanded for the day they could recommence the effort in the United States. They are doing it, following Hitler’s model but much more intelligently and efficiently. We are, basically, screwed.

  • Blue Dogs, TeaHadists, Republicans and CONServatives need to be added to the list too.

  • I have the address to the CFNP, which is where their website was registered from. This might help.

    Council for National Policy
    1411 K Street, NW
    Suite 601
    District of Columbia

  • Ronald Anderson

    Let me get this straight. These right winged morons are accusing the liberals of taking our freedoms away? Do they know the definition of the word liberal? Liberal favorable to progress or reform. Favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible. Favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression. Free from prejudice or bigotry. Open minded or tolerant, free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas or values.

    Just the definition alone says a liberal is more open minded, and is for the freedom for one to make their own choice. How can you right winged morons say that a liberal is out to take our freedoms away? Look at the bills your right winged moron leaders are passing! If Jesus Christ was any party at all it would be a liberal just by this definition alone.

    How about you right wingers do a little research and find out what your party really is all about.

    • This country was founded by liberals. All the conservatives at the time were called “Loyalists” who after the Revolution either got on the boats with the departing redcoats or packed their bags and moved to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

      Here’s some logic: the revolution brought about great change which any conservative at the time would have been totally against.

      • Or they were Tories.

        Part of my family was ostracized during the Revolution and kicked out of the family tree for over 200 years before I discovered that fact. Not only was his family name removed from our tree, but he was fined, he lost his business and his slaves. He was not kicked out of the colonies because his family has been here ever since.

        I put him back into the family tree once I found out. It’s been long enough to punish them.

  • “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” -Benito Mussolini

  • Michelangelo G.

    I fought for this country so that people could have the freedom to live their lives the way that they choose, not the way people think they should live them. Our founding fathers declared independence from the crown so that the citizens of the US had the right to live their lives free of persecution, in any form.
    Taking away women’s rights, gay rights, religious freedoms, and basically our free will, is basically Nazi Germany. And all of these conservative trolls commenting on this article trying to convince rational thinking individuals of how “upstanding” these sorry excuses for human beings are, I would’ve though long and hard before you had your full frontal lobotomies.
    When the United States imposes martial law, and the thought police come to drag you from your home because your views differ slightly from their idea of utopia, remember your comments on how upstanding these individuals are.

    • Right on Brother! I too am a vet too, ‘Nam. I didn’t VOLUNTEER to serve my country to see it become the fascist state that the Kock Brothers and their cronies in the Tea Party are trying to take it in! I did not sacrifice the use of my legs so someone who does not know the meaning or value of an honest days labor can call me and my family lazy and greedy because we demand a living wage and decent benefits in return for the sweat of OUR back in the making of THEIR fortune!


  • Death to the fed and organized religion! Never has more human suffering and blood been spilled due to these!

    • WOA THAR! It ain’t ALL religion! Just a few crazy fanatics who foul the pews for everyone!


    • Human beings will only truly be free when they have overcome private property, organized religion and the state.

      • Finally, a liberal who’s willing to say what he believes.

        Granted, it’s asinine, hateful, and has failed miserably every time it’s been tried, but at least he’s honest about it.

        • I have yet to encounter a CONservative who is honest, not even hitler or mussolini. It is not in their genetics. Asinine, yes, hateful, yes, disgusting, yes, greedy, yes, shriveled mean spirit, yes, ugly, always, nasty, yes, foul, yes. But honest, never, not in the CONservatives makeup. After all they put CON right up front in their label.

        • actually , you are wrong about that.. that is the failed part.. Many ‘native’ cultures didn’t use the notion of private property and also had various ways of practicing religion/ spirituality. Granted these were not modern cultures. Also they would be truly ‘free’ without property, religion and the state, but they wouldn’t have ipads.. or in your case shot guns and pick up trucks

  • TheBigWedding

    I’m sorry, but did we forget those who drove the agenda for the so-called “war on terror” that was used as the pretext to shred our constitutional rights? To pillage our financial resources by leveraging our national debt to pay for this war? Whose questionable alliance to a another country’s foreign policy is at odds with that of the United States? certainly, you could make a case for these people being fools, dupes of the first order whose philosophies will lead, inevitably to the dissolution of America. But, let us never forget those whose persistent siren calls for war, war, and more war created the very foundation of the destruction of our country.

  • Anna von Reitz

    Your willingness to tear down the people who fight for YOUR freedoms, who give YOU jobs, who struggle to lower YOUR taxes, and who seek to preserve YOUR safety reeks of irrationality, all nicely packaged with obvious hatred, rage, and nastiness. Let me tell you, the more people you call “racist” the more people you alienate. The more you rage about the Koch Brothers, the more people notice GE, Raytheon, Disney, Viacom, Columbia Studios, Boeing….all the HUGE supporters of Democratic causes. And, BTW, we don’t like mob rule and we don’t respect ignorance.

    • Are the stupidest f’n person alive. These poeple fighting for us huh? You are truly the the kind of idiot that scares the hell out of me. OMG

    • What is the color of the sky in your f***ed up world, Anna von Reitz??

      Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining, you fascist sow!!

    • Things like police,fire,teachers,prison employees,health care employees, doctors, etc should not be for profit. We have plenty of Ipad,TV’s Clothes perfume, material things to make profit off of. That is what a free market is, thing you choose to own, want, and have to work for. Not things that are required for human life to be above third world status. Delusion seems to be rampant on this site. We are the ones doing the work. Wake up they use our services and our infrastructure and our military to protect them. They are the free loaders getting rich not the working middle class wake up. You may be paid for by the Koch brothers and their likes but you are not a member of their class and they defiantly are trying to create a caste system in this country and do way with democracy on the back of the working class. Class war fare you bet they are waging it you are just to programed to see it.

    • Ronald Anderson

      Anna, are you really that stupid, or do you believe what people tell you and don’t fact check for your own self? Those jobs you say these facists give us, have all moved over seas, producing mass numbers of unemployment, while you right wing morons want to give them more tax breaks for raising their prices for a cheeper made product made by some child in china working for a dollar a day. Let me see here, we don’t do business with Cuba because they are Communist, but its OK to do business with communist china! You right winged fascits really amaze me at how stupid an individual really can be. You say they fight for our freedoms, yet there is a bill in congress to put people in jail for the way they dress! You say its freedom, but you will not let people make up their own minds. I am a God fearing Christian, I have a great relationship with Jesus Christ, and His Father, and my Bible tells me I have a free will to do what I choose, be it Gods commands, or my own commands. I am also a union electrician, I have personally witnessed what bush did to the 20 OSHA rules bush dismissed, that’s not safety, thats greed! Bush as well as the rest of you fascits say the safety rules come behind profit, that doesn’t sound safe to me, that screems greed all the way to the bank. If it wasn’t for us hard working middle class those that have those big businesses would not have what they have now! You should wake up and do your own research about what the right wingers really stand for.

    • Let’s see…. Walt Disney was a supporter of Adolf Hitler, Viacom is a price gouging company that has tried to create a monopoly where ever it has gone, GE payed less in US taxes than my corner grocer, and the rest? I’m they’d be ashamed to be put in the same company as you and your other heroes.

  • wilbert pritchett

    I’m not bothered by all of these irrational ,People! where they manipulate and twist things for their own purpose! The will of the people will always trump the desire of the few! Things like this happened before the berlin wall fell, and I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason! America , the America I know and love will continue to stand strong, and progress long after these people are gone! The will of the People not the money will be the winners in the end!

    • Second Amendment Democrat

      The will of the people will triumph? Y0ou must write for Hollywood sitcoms, the reality is that the people have NO choices. We get to vote for whomever the duo-party decides will conform to the party line most closely, all we EVER could do was effect the periphery. Fundamental change is not possible under this system now that the Supremes have been purchased by Bush and the Kochs. Even if we were to vote to throw out ALL currently seated politicians of BOTH parties, the Supremes would just nullify the election and appoint the president, as they did in 2000.

      Your Pollyanna vision of humanity cannot stand the test of cold hard daylight. Nice dream, but so was the American Dream, and look what the Kochs did to THAT.

      Wake up, moran (to quote a Tea Party sign…) Change will only come through serious struggle, not through the ballot box they have usurped and undermined the election system…

  • 51% of Americans pay NO income tax. Many would love to have paychecks and become taxpayers, but Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Wisconsin public union thugs/bullies only care about themselves and to hell with the state budget or national budget. You can trash the Tea Party all you want, but most Americans who don’t consider themselves members of the Tea Party agree with the TP on the key issues. And they are taking back America and saving it from the leftists and socialists no matter how many names you call them or how loud or often you spew your hate. In fact the more you scream and name call and hate, the stronger their resolve.

    • The people who don’t pay income tax (because they have no money) still pay every other kind of tax and still pay a greater percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy. You are being used by the rich as a tool to convince people – low infomation voters such as yourself – to vote against their own economic interests in favor of those who are already FILTHY STINKING RICH. If they get their way, YOU will have less money.

      • You are right adb…exactly right. And all those other taxes are actually regressive. These people are just tools for the wealthiest to use to become even wealthier – at the expense of the tools. They just aren’t smart enough to know that.

    • Nope. The 51% figure is another right wing myth from th teagagger propaganda and hate machine. The poor in this country have paid more taxes than the rich for quite some time. Some real information to counter the corporate noise machine.

    • That’s a good one…most of America agrees with the Tea Party…hahaha. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. At most a quarter of Americans are that bat shit crazy.

    • We need to raise taxes on the poor and middle class so that Paris Hilton will have enough money to create jobs. So argues the Tea Party

    • Second Amendment Democrat

      Here we go again with the same bully bullshit.

      The standard Republican response – the unions are thugs and bullies for DARING to expect a living wage, all the people who can’t earn enough under minimum wage jobs to put food on the table should also pay income tax, even though they make less in a MONTH than many CEOs make in an HOUR.
      You’re not taking back America. First of all, that’s not what you are doing, you are stealing everything INCLUDING what is nailed down, and second, we will fight you to the fucking death, fascist. I lived through this in WW2, it WILL NOT happen here…

  • To call these people “enemies” is sickening. People like you who can’t disagree civilly are the ones who are the most dangerous in America. All you want is a handout and are willing to threaten and harrass anyone who disagress with you or won’t hand over what they have earned, and these people are trying to stop socialists like you. You are a disgrace.

    • These people have earned nothing. They especially the little koch boys were handed it all by mommy and daddy. Here is an idea, let everyone make it on their own instead fo being rewarded for who their granny had sex with. Then we will see who really has what it takes. But the republiCONs and CONservatives are sooooo scared of standing on their own too feet they know they cannot possibly make it without mommy setting them up in life and spending their whole lives having mommy to kiss their little boo boos and make things all better for them. All you want is to be carried all of your life instead of standing on your won. You aer sickening. People need to stop fascists and feudalists like you.

  • The Kochs are bottom feeding rent seekers, but I doubt if they could match Obama’s body count. The United States government is the worlds largest purveyor of death. It seems to be the one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on–beside sucking the last bit of wealth out of the middle class. Compared to US Inc–or should I say LLC–the Kochs are pikers.

  • Don’t forget Ann Coulter. She, and her books, are the catalyst for a LOT of hate.

  • Thank you so much for putting this list together all in one place with all those addresses to it ill make it so much easier for me and all my friends in the TEA party to send letters of gratitude to these wonderful Americans…who get it! Enjoy your snooze.

  • This has been passed around quit a bit, but some of it was probably not to the people it was intended for.

  • You could also include the American center for Law an Justice fighting off the atheist liberals one by one. Your satanic liberal socialist one world government will be short lived. alien IFO’s are harboring demonic entities for the most part,controlling the thoughts of liberals everywhere as princes of the power of the air. Dulce base is their HQ. Pray, Repent and Revival of the Word.

  • While I self identify as a progressive, & I happen to be a political organizer – I have many friends who are republicans & even Tea Partiers. It doesn’t mean that I agree with their ideas all of the time, or even most of the time, but every now & again I find things that I can agree on. Sometimes, even – They find things that I say, that they can agree on.

    I have found that a major problem in our country is treating each other as an “other” instead of as individual people. I’m not talking about our elected officals – they are all idiots if you want my opinion. They are all bought & paid for.

    This list is a great one & very helpful.
    The problem, I see – is when people run their mouths & say talking points without ever interacting with the other side. How many of you actually have friends who are from the other side? Or do you all just surround yourselves with people who think just like you do? I happen to live in republican land – so being a progressive is not the norm around here. You have to actively seek out others. But, not only that – I truly believe that if we – as Americans – are going to solve Americas problems – we need to do it TOGETHER. To do that, we need to set aside the partisan talking points that we are fed all day long & look at who our real enemies are –

    Open your eyes people.
    unless you are a millionaire – Or a billionaire –
    We are all the working poor, or unemployed
    so it stands to reason that we all have the same interests

    A better future,
    Better jobs, or A job – with a working/living wage
    Education that is affordable for us or our children
    A country that can manage it’s debt & is once again a great Nation
    That i would hope we can all agree only wages wars that are just
    A Congress & Senate that actually passes Legislation
    Some sort of Insurance & or Health care (be it through the market or whatever)
    For Congress & the Senate to actually focus on Job Creation (although I also understand that some don’t believe that it is the govt’s job to create jobs but obviously the ‘job creators aren’t creating jobs so someone has to do something)

    & for Our Great Country to Go Back to Being Great…

    No more Massive Income Disparity!!!!

    In the end – I think, at least, when i talk to everyone – & i really do talk to everyone, because i like to hear everyone’s opinion – this is the common thread that i hear when i cut through the talking points & the B.S.

    I just wish… That people would wake up & realize what we all can do when we unite together. When we stop hating one another based upon stupid labels. Based on brainwashing by Television.

    Based on “what the founding fathers wanted…”
    Um, they are long dead & you all have no idea what they wanted & all you have to go on is the Constitution, which i have watched get repeatedly mangled by many, many people. You can’t really interpret what dead people would want. Words can mean a lot of things. There is a whole branch of law based on it. Constitutional law, anyone?

    • Finally a voice of reason in a sea of emotional gatling guns. Thanks for making some actual sense.

    • –I have many friends who are republicans & even Tea Partiers. It doesn’t mean that I agree with their ideas all of the time, or even most of the time, but every now & again I find things that I can agree on. Sometimes, even – They find things that I say, that they can agree on. —
      You’re not gonna like this site.

      This place isn’t for liberals who disagree with conservatives, or who think conservative policies are the wrong direction (or the right direction, but too far), or who have different views about the power and role of government. ~I’m~ curious about why you think liberalism would actually achieve those goals better, but that’s not the kind of question you get to answer here.

      This site is for liberals who carry a froth-at-the-mouth, mind-destroying hatred of anybody more than half a step to the left of Karl Marx’ poodle. “Wrong” is for sissies–for this site you have to think we’re all racist, secretly-nazi tools of Satan.

      In short, you seem to be here to reason, and that doesn’t work here. You can either join the Two Minutes Hate, or sit back and laugh.

  • And don’t forget Karl Rove, the original “Turd Blossom”, himself. The “Architect” of the Bush political strategy, co-founder of American Crossroads and American Crossroads GPS, and talking Ham-head.

  • The screen name killtheteaparty – says it all – you guys are radical – you want to shut down everyone that disagrees with your political ideas. You really want to kill the TEA Party? Seriously?

    Like Tyranny much?

    If you notice, not one conservative group is trying to silence the leftist radical websites. I wonder why? 1st Amendment, that’s why.

    Grow up and read some history. Your ideas don’t work – anywhere.

    • either do yours bitch

      • Wait…are you accusing Teabaggers of actually having independent thought and ideas? Shame on you. From my experience, they do whatever the hive tells them to. And right now, to get Americans back to work, they have been told to end gay marriage, let people without health insurance die, keep gays out of the military, and to stop FEMA from helping flood victims. That’s called compassionate conservatism! Its their mission!The shiny new Neokkkon Jesus told them so!

    • I’m not sure what explains your point better–your post, or the liberal bile-dribbling posts following it.

  • Susan van Inwegen

    Sorry bulk of that bill was run-up by Bush. Conducting his unnecessary war in Iraq. of course he did make his friends rich , JUST BROKE OUR COUNTRY! NO ONE who voted Obama in realistically expected his job to be easily. It was left in a hidious state. Obama attempted to negotiate with the eGOP but they were willing to let the country’s rating go down. The GOP has proven that they care only about getting themselves and their donors rich. They will negotiate that way to the peril of this country SHAME!

  • Susan van Inwegen

    Sorry bulk of that bill was run-up by Bush. Conducting his unnecessary war in Iraq. of course he did make his friends rich , JUST BROKE OUR COUNTRY! NO ONE who voted Obama in realistically expected his job to be easily. It was left in a hidious state. Obama attempted to negotiate with the eGOP but they were willing to let the country’s rating go down. The GOP has proven that they care only about getting themselves and their donors rich. They will negotiate that way to the peril of this country SHAME!

  • Great info! I will help support every single one of those groups in any way I can.

  • THANK YOU for the addresses, phone/fax numbers, and websites. It’ll make it easier for me to congratulate them all on their patriotic work. Anyone who disagrees, and listens to the above drivel, lies and contortions won’t read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America. Why? They’d rather think that they’re smarter by not doing their own research and following pseudo experts. Maybe they’re afraid of finding out that they’re wrong. That they’ve been hoodwinked. I’ve never read such hate filled propaganda as I just did on this site. Same as for the far left propaganda organization: SPoverty Law Center. Look… if you can’t read, you’re doomed to follow others. But YOU CAN read. So, be true to yourself. Just take an hour or two and read the documents. Believe me… once you have; the truth will set you free. Peace and Love.

    • I, too, wanted to drop a note of thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list of email addresses and phone numbers of people and organizations I praise for not betraying the American People. Thanks you saved me a pantload of time.

    • Ditto, Joe! I, too, appreciate having this handy little list with thorough contact info for all my heroes! Now I can personally thank each and every one of them for their patriotic endeavors in restoring honor and liberty to my nation!

    • Could you list off a few good things these folks have done for America as a whole? Not vague statements like “protecting our freedoms,” I mean actual ways they add to the good of the country. Specifically, if you have a moment, address how corporate ownership of elections is a good thing for the country…?

  • AmericanFreedom

    Thank You for helping us locate associations and people we wish to support and stand behind! You even provided us the means to contact each and every one, because you have proven yourself to be one of the enemies that not only wants to take every American freedom away, you wish to stop, control and eliminate anyone who does not agree with your point of view. I can see you are for unbridled government spending, how about sending a couple of blank checkbooks-like personal checkbooks…since it is O.K. to spend other peoples money. Money that they work very hard to get and have little left to spend. Are these people dangerous because they have money and they won’t let you have it, or because you just can’t get them to DO WHAT YOU WANT? That makes YOU and yours VERY DANGEROUS INDEED, and I thank you for making me aware of it through this writing.

    • Wow! Delusional much?

    • These people/groups are attempting to force legislation that puts their personal religious beliefs into law.

      This is completely against what our Founders wrote, or intended.

      BTW, the Founders of this country stated, quite clearly, that Congress has the right to set taxes. Period. That you don’t like it is immaterial.

      Either you follow our US Constitution, or you don’t. But don’t pretend that you are standing on any high moral or legal ground. You are not.

    • I am with you, slandering some of these groups is so far left that only Goebbels could have appreciated it. I to will contact these groups in support.

      • I think Goebbels was far right. The Hitler regime was far right-wing fascism. (just trying to correct the basics here.) Glenn Beck has dis-misinformed so many.

        • Patricia, the Hitler government was national SOCIALIST. People on the right in this country mostly believe in smaller less powerful government. What do Nazi’s have in common with the American right?

          • what did they have in common with the right? The NAZIs were anti-immigrant, anti-Union, pro-traditional family, pro-women stay in the home and have babies, pro-traditional Christianity, opposed rights for workers vs. big business, etc, etc. They were very much on the far, far right.

    • Right…because corporations flooding money into the system to tell the dullards like you what’s best for us is the true sense of democracy. Good luck on collecting your Zynga dollars from your pimps.

  • Bryant Dillard

    Haha, yeah… its all the GOP, conservative and religious leaders fault. Never mind the fact that the largest debt in US history, the largest addition to entitlements in US history and the first ever downgrade in the US’ credit rating has all occurred under, and by, Obama. Morons.

    • In case you failed to note it, our credit rating was down-graded specifically because of the actions of the GOP. Did you MISS that part?

      The largest addition to entitlements? Just what do you consider entitlements?

      Obama came into the job with the largest deficit in history. With almost record unemployment, and the major economists said that it would get worse before it gets better. Did you miss this?

      How about that a huge part of the increase in the deficit was an accounting procedure, not actually increasing the deficit. That accounting procedure was to take the costs of both wars and put them on the books, instead of keeping them in the “emergency” books.

  • Lib Maverick

    Don’t forget Ralph Reed, the former Executive Director of The Christian Coalition, and one leg of the Political-Religious-Corruption Triangle of Norquist-Reed-Abramoff. He went underground for a while due to his association with Jack Abramoff. But he’s back to the same old tricks with The Faith and Freedom Coalition, which he describes it as “a 21st century version of the Christian Coalition”.

  • Finally, someone with journistic connections has written up what I have been saying for some time now. Mr Foster even knows about more of these evil people than I do.
    This list is the leaders of the American Taliban and al-quaeda (however you spell it). The Koch brothers are the equivalent of the late Osama and Ayman Z.

    All these people should be executed for Treason!

  • Mr. Foster your article is very insightful yet I fear it might be too late to try and wake the average Americans up – one just have to read the comments here to realize they believe in living in oblivion just like unthinking robots ready to gulp down every bullshit spewed from the mouths of radio talk shows and TV channels advertising their lies, using the best weapon the right has:FEAR. Which brings me back what Sinclair Lewis wrote back in 1935 (what a visionary):

    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped on the flag and carrying a cross”.

    Well done, Sir. Thank you so very much.

    • The quote from Sinclair Lewis is” I don’t know when fascism will come to America ,but I know how it will come,wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible.” And the quote was from the 50s I believe, fascism was in it’s infancy in Europe in 1935,Franco hadn’t seized power yet, Il Duce was a still a fighting bambino in Ethiopia,and even Hitler hid his fascist agenda in the beginning.

  • Kenneth Stice

    I think the list should have included The Heartland Institute as well, since they pay scientists to refute global warming and in the 90s tried telling the public that secondhand smoke isn’t dangerous.

  • Wonderful work, Mr Foster. Thank you a million times for this great list.

    One bone to pick, however. In #15, you describe Phyllis Schlafly as being “pro-life”. I’m certain that is how she’d like to be portrayed, however, as a stickler for accurate English, I believe it is far more accurate to describe her as “anti-choice”. Because whether she is “pro-life” or not is not the point. She wants to outlaw the right of a woman to privately confer with her doctor and make that very personal decision on whether or not a pregnancy should be terminated. I don’t personally know any anti-life proponents, but I know many pro-choice advocates who believe that a woman has a right to choose her own fate and to do what is best for her and her pregnancy. The anti-choice people like Schlafly want the most invasive form of government – they want a government that will take away a woman’s most private and intimate decision and hand it to an authoritarian government.

  • This is some really quality writing, matched only by the quality of the ideas behind it. Here were some of my favorite lines:

    Not only is the Heritage Foundation evil for “pushing conservative ideals,” it “also believes in a strong defense.” Keeping the country safe and secure from threats of violence and aggression. Oh, the horror.

    Another solid evil pointed out on this list is James Dobson’s support of “private schools.” God forbid we provide parents the freedom to choose where their children attend school.

    And it’s a shame you understand few, if any, of the policies Cato supports. You might actually appreciate them if you were capable of doing more than writing pseudo hit lists of conservative “threats to the American people.”

    One might perhaps be concerned by what appears to be a grade school education (as evidenced by the poor writing and generally simple-minded ideas represented) combined with a clearly angry and hateful mind. It might even cause one to worry that you might do something drastic to, as you say, “remove the Koch brothers from the equation,” or any number of the figures on your list.

    Then one remembers that you’re probably the type of symptomatic complainer extraordinarily capable of spewing poisonous vitriol, and remarkably incapable of just about everything else.

    And one need not worry.

    • “Another solid evil pointed out on this list is James Dobson’s support of “private schools.” God forbid we provide parents the freedom to choose where their children attend school.”

      Parents already have the right to choose where their children go to school. IF they choose to not use the public schools, they every right to put their children in a private school. They do NOT have the right to expect the taxpayers, however, to pay for it.

      “And it’s a shame you understand few, if any, of the policies Cato supports.”

      What facts lead you to this belief? Just the fact that the author does not think that legislating religious belief’s is Constitutional (and that has been backed up by the US Supreme court many, many times)?

      Are you able to actually refute what the author said? Without the vitriol that you posted.

    • That’s kind of funny since Ayn Rand was an Atheist. Read much?

    • Ayn, I’ll second that! Our country is going down in flames with THEIR community organizer at the helm, and they fear those that simply want honor restored and a return to the Constitution???? I won’t waste my time arguing with this kind of hatred, but I do appreciate them gathering all the contact info so I can call each one on this list and thank them for their service to the United States of America.

  • Always makes me laugh that Rupert Murdoch not only sucked my friends d*ck but also took it in the butt. Guess that’s a powerful conservative for ya.

  • Fox News is a subsidiary of News Corps and was created as a Rightwing Propaganda Network. It is owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch, who, until recently has never been responsible for his actions. News Corps actively admits that they are NOT a news organization, but are what is known as a Tabloid News Organization. In other words they contend that they never told anyone that anything they said was factual but was “created for the sake of entertainment”, not as a news source. Roger Aisles has had to openly admit that he lies constantly.

    Read more:

  • I think you let one get away. Jim Demint, the Senator from South Carolina is the fiercest force behind Tea Party control in Congress. Check out what The Atlantic had to say about him:

    • I’m a proud South Carolinian and happily campaigned for and helped to elect Senator DeMint. You’re right…he deserves to be on this list of the wonderful American Patriots who have fought so hard to quell the hatred of the left, and the dismantling of our liberty.

  • Yes, but the same can be said about George Soros as well.

    • I don’t remember Soros paying of thousands to Arkansas State Troopers to lie in their affidavit against Clinton like the Heritage Foundation and Groups like Dobson did. Or how about Tony Perkins paying tens of thousands for David Duke’s mailing list.

  • You should add Lifesitenews. This is another hate website. Homophobic and anti women – using anti-abortion and family values as a cover to promote their ultra-right wing ideology.

  • Interesting. Mothers who have been abused are losing custody when abuse is reported. The groups who have a lot of power in making this happen are on your list. FRC and AFA are two orgs that many judges belong to. They support the family and whatever it takes to keep a marriage intact. A mother will do darn near anything to protect her child from abuse. Those groups are set on keeping marriage together at all costs. They along with Lahaye and Dobson believe that a mother will return to an abusive home and make things work if it is the only way to keep her children. These folks are sick. Hard to believe? Check out the recent filings in the Supreme court of Sacks v. Sacks, then go back to another filing in the Supreme court Titelman v. Titelman, same issues. Google protective mothers or “battered mother’s custody conference” for more info. Would love to see you do a story on this issue. This was a great article.

  • Yeah, and the Democrats get even more money from George Soros, who makes his money in speculation and betting on failing economies. What’s your point?

  • How about that group that is “selecting” all or our Supreme Court nominees and other judicial nominees? Can’t remember their name at the moment ….

  • Interesting list, Mr. Foster, but I would hardly call a little-known group (with a P.O. Box, mind you), like the American Family Assn as “one of the most dangerous.” What about the Nativist, neo-Malthusian organizations like FAIR, CIS and NUMBERSUSA? As for Cato, they are rightwing libertarian.

  • Tommy from Chicago

    Great list. I don’t think I like some of the Christian groups you mentioned but I am actually very impressed with the accomplishments of the Koch brothers and respect them no more than ever. Even better is I had no idea there were some of these other conservative groups that were doing such great things? This is like a one stop shoping list of people we should all know about and support. (It even has contact numbers, thanks!)

    • Yes, I would support them..out of our Country..they are more dangerous and did more damage than 911…they are anti American, anti Union, anti worker, anti education, anti EPA, anti NPR and very very pro Wealthy, “job creators”, oil companies, they are anti everything good and valuable in this country…..they are building the CORPORATE STATES OF AMERCIA w/assistance of the Tea Party Poison provided by all the above name organizations…

    • Agreed, Tommy! Love this list! It’s so helpful…and some of these wonderful organizations I didn’t even know about! I’ll be joining their cause immediately to overturn the vile hate that has brought such division and socialism to our once-free nation.

    • Tommy this is a long list of all the organizations, all in one place, that I’ll be sure to send nice THANK YOU cards and donations to. And some of the commentators even added a few more for my convenience how wonderful! I have taken screen shots and forwarded the URL to everyone on my email list and the Tea Parties across the nation so they can forward it on to all their contacts. Every time the left points out who I should hate, it seems it has the opposite effect and I end up loving them!

  • I love this list. I am going to post it and send it out to all my friends to show just how the wheels have come of the left. By-the-way, I am an original Tea Partier and I didn’t get a penny from anyone and I don’t know one person who has, but spent thousands of my own dollars to go to Washington, Search Light, etc. I just laugh at your funding lies. Please show the checks, or receipts or something. But you have NOTHING and it is just laughable.

    I love it that you are so much off base – especially the tea party, because you just will not understand what we hit you with in 2012. Your only hope is to understand the truth, but that isn’t likely and it makes our job so much easier. Your fighting paper dragons. Go for it.

    Again, thanks for the list. I will certainly direct others to take a gander at it and have a good laugh at your expense as we exchange emails.


    • You, too, Keith? Was I supposed to reimbursed for all my trips to DC from South Carolina to join forces with all the freedom/constitution-loving Tea Partiers? Who knew? LOL

  • Natural law? Where the strongest prey on the weak, sick and old? Where even a powerful leader can be brought down and torn to pieces by the pack? Where eventually there will be room for only one alpha leader while the rest of the pack roll over and pee on themselves? Oh, are we talking about humans?

  • One major omission from this list is Rush. I think som people actually take him seriously when he says “You don’t have to do your own thinking I’ll do it for you”.

  • Heidi Hanson

    All the posters on here that think these groups are fine or are just not liberal have no idea what they are supporting. I hope you realise what the dominionists really would like to do to you. And that means ANYONE who dosent believe like they do. You have been spoiled by our freedom and democracy. Those people HATE democracy and have stated so. They want a Theocracy. Iran is a Theocracy. Do you want the USA to be like Iran? Well that is what you are permitting.

  • You didn’t do your homework very well. You left of Rick Scott, governor off Florida who was responsible for the largest Medicare fraud in our country’s history. He “quit” right before the 1.8 billion dollar fine was handed down to HCA., the largest “for profit” healthcare group in the world. They just reorganized in February to “take advantage of upcoming changes in healthcare” which means privatization. They have PACs in most states that have pushed their “for profit” agenda, but they have managed to stay off the media radar. They are big contributors to ALEC. The only reason this guy wanted to be governor of Florida is to push privatization for the financial benefit of himself and his cronies, that and he probably wants to try and buy the White House. He should be near the top of the list.

  • The Center for National Policy is a 501(c)3. has its 990s. The address is:

    1411 K St NW, Ste 601
    Washington, DC 20005

    EIN: 72-0921017

  • …Not to mention Communists…

  • You forgot Americans for Prosperity!!!

  • Michael Hansen

    Thank you for this great information. These people have really done a great service at exposing the Marxist agendas that the AP (American Pravda)seem to fail to report. The reality to me is our government has failed to abide by the Constitution which is based on Natural Law and limited government. I shall contact each individual and tell them of what a great job they are doing of presenting the truth and to keep it up.

    • You do that.. write to each and every one of them , and while you are at it. Please thank them for the redistribution of wealth for the past 30 years aka trickle down economics that has destroyed the midddle class. Please thank them for a nation where the desparity of wages now equals third world nations and ranks dead last in industrialized nations. Thanks them for their support of a war of lies in Iraq that brought home thousands of fine men and women in body bags. I am sure you are proud of the moral turpitude of each and every one of them on that list.

    • Marxist agenda? Think about it this way: Marx suggested concentrating the assets and controls of an economy into the hands of the government, to remove greed from the world. In his view he thought this would lead to a global utopia where every person is equal in every sense of the word. However, greed is human nature. This led to oppressive communist states where nations became so economically disparaged that the people had no say, no food, few belongings, and lived only to work.

      Fast forward to America of today. The income disparity of this nation is growing larger and larger every year with now a quarter of our nations wealth concentrated into a group of people that wouldn’t even fill a new york High-rise. While the poor and middle class see their pays cut, jobs lost, homes foreclosed upon, their only choice is to seek the only work available to them: service. They work as slaves to their corporate masters, no say, low pay, but they work hard. They work for the chance that maybe something out there is better. But these days, there often isn’t.

      Our nation is now 10th in the world in the ability for one person in a lower economic class to rise to a higher class in their life time. If you don’t see the parallels between rampant communism and rampant corporatism then I praise your ignorant bliss, sir. But if you do see them, then do not thank these people that would rather see your pay and benefits cut to better their bottom line. Human decency is more powerful then greed if allowed to take root, these groups have surely forgotten it.

    • Bill Michtom

      “The reality to me is our government has failed to abide by the Constitution which is based on Natural Law and limited government.”

      The operative phrase in your comment is “to me.” Everything else is meaningless.

    • Michael is obviously just another delusional bagger.

      • HA! Gotcha! I was counting the posts to see how soon some liberal would descend into crudeness and name-calling, when their narrow brain couldn’t come up with a logical response to debate! Happens EVERY time!

        • Darlene, Glad you found something in these posts that you could grasp and understand. Perhaps there are too many big words in the other liberal posts.
          OK, here’s some more crude name-calling: You are brain-washed and blind.

    • You’re an idiot. You have less money because of this list of people, and you are cleaving to an ideology that only serves to weaken this country.

  • Thank you for including their contact info. All of the angry Americans, such as myself, should begin sending them messages. Then we need to get their puppets out of government offices ASAP!

  • THANK YOU for taking the time to notate their addresses, phone/fax numbers, and websites. Your actions are certainly a public service.

  • they really let yo do drugs while at work???????????? would love to know which ones you are doing – you are definitely funny and hilarious. do you write any serious fiction or do you stay within the confines of comedy fiction – well, thanks for everything, i think – we need to go have lunch one day – you would be fun to talk to

  • OK. So the problem I see here is the labels of MONSTERS or TERRORISTS to describe someone that has a different opinion or point of view than a liberal. Come on people, you are smarter than this. This is a very weak and pointless argument. Cheer up lib’s!

    • What bothers liberals is when someone has more sway on the lives of Americans and our laws then our elected officials. What surprises me is why you aren’t outraged that these groups essentially pick and choose candidates and laws that are forced upon us. If you wanna live in an oligarchical autocracy then be my guess. I prefer democracy.

      • Matt, the whole purpose of this blog, is to inform people that there is Structure and Design to the way the middle class is being SYSTEMATICALLY Downtrodden.

        This has happened before, and it will happen again.

        If you have a working brain,.. you notice.

        People put up with it for a while, but not FOREVER.

        Have you ever wondered why Europe is so much more ‘socialistic’ then WE are?

        They went through their revolt some years after ours.

        In France, after they ‘shortened’ the aristocracy,… They put wheels on Dr Guillotine’s little invention and it went on ‘tour’.

        It visited every small town and made a special visit to the local ‘rich and greedy’.

        The ‘impact’ of the “Let them eat cake’ Philosophy, reverberated throughout the society for several years. It became very unhealthy to be rich.

        It’s NOT a good idea to ignore the ‘masses’ as you build mansions in every town you visit. This kind of wealth, on it’s own merit is admirable. But if you don’t pay your fair share in taxes, it’s obscene.

        Europe has not forgotten these lessons.

        Between 1880 and 1920, our great grandparents stood in the streets, unarmed, against men with bayonet’s, and paid the ultimate price for:

        The five day work week
        The 40 hour week
        Sick days,..

        and last but not least,..

        The right to ‘organize as a union and ‘bargain” for working conditions.

        These privileges WERE NOT given to us eagerly, by a grateful ‘industrial class’.

        They were fought for, and earned, by the blood of giants.
        The fact that we don’t know their names, is sad but understandable. (it’s been a long time). The fact that we don’t even acknowledge their existence is SHAMEFUL.

        (suggestion,…. research Mother Jones)(and I’m not talking about the magazine)

        We run the risk today, of putting our children and grandchildren in the position of fighting and dying, to re-capture what we’re stupid enough to ‘give away’ at the polls.

    • Bill Michtom

      These folks are being singled out not merely because their opinions are different, but because their methods are unethical and their desires are undemocratic.

      As to MattKane, what you say is meaningless. These people are selected exactly because “these groups essentially pick and choose candidates and laws that are forced upon us.”

  • We live in dangerous times! It is inexcusable for Americans to allow extremists on BOTH sides to dictate the future of our country. We need to learn to think for ourselves and VOTE!
    These people thrive because they are 100% narcissistic with zero interest in a truly free and equal society where ALL people have opportunity to achieve! They are unscrupulous because they really just don’t care what is truly right or wrong – Right is whatever benefits themselves and wrong is whatever does not!!!

    • Bill Michtom

      “It is inexcusable for Americans to allow extremists on BOTH sides to dictate the future of our country.”

      This is a false equivalence. What “left-wing extremists” are dictating the future? What “left-wing extremists” are there. This is all happening from the right.

      • uuuuugh, EVER HEARD OF OBAMACARE? (Sadly, that’s only one of MANY examples)

        • Darlene, I have heard of ObamaCare. That is what the republicans called the lousy bill that looks nothing like what Obama campaigned for. Obama proposed National Health Care. Not National Health Insurance! The insurance lobby represented 19 out of 20 lobbyists on the hill during the crafting of that bill.
          I think Obama has repeatedly made a poor decision to compromise his values and seek compromise in his legislative proposals.
          The republicans have stonewalled EVERYTHING they possibly could to make this presidency as miserable as possible. They have even gone so far as to put our economic house in disarray to achieve their goal. Their goal is not to help the nation, but to regain control.
          DAMN THEM ALL!!

  • killtheteaparty

    We should arrest these criminals, seize their assets, and send them all to a labor camp somewhere

  • The Platzner Post

    Great information…”F” the Koch brothers!!!

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