BBC Host Wipes The Floor With Alex Jones: ‘You Are The Worst Person I Have Ever Interviewed’ (VIDEO)

BBC host, Andrew Neill, has now come face to face with the “crazy” that is our very own lunatic, Alex Jones. Odds are he won't have have him back any time soon.    Image @TelegraphUK

BBC host, Andrew Neill, has now come face to face with the “crazy” that is our very own lunatic, Alex Jones. Odds are he won’t have him back any time soon. Image @TelegraphUK

For some reason, Alex Jones, our favorite lunatic conspiracy theorist, was booked on a BBC show called Sunday Politics, hosted by Andrew Neil. I’m pretty sure that will never happen again. Jones was in England because of the Bilderberg conference – a closed-door meeting of world leaders from the realms of politics, finance, academia, media and business – is being held in Hertfordshire this year. One wonders who at the Beeb decided to put Jones on their airwaves and whether or not they are still employed there. Perhaps they had not seen Piers Morgan’s “interview” with Jonesy this past January.

However Jones ended up there, he didn’t bother to adjust his atrocious behavior. When Neil and his other guest, journalist David Aaronovitch, questioned Jones’ assertions that Bilderberg was “a Nazi plan,” Jones went right over the brink. Now, as any good webizen knows, “Godwinning” the show means Jones automatically loses his argument. Apparently, Jones doesn’t understand that.

On the heels of Jones’ pronouncement regarding Bilderberg, Aaronovitch had a question for Jones that, I’m sure, many of us have thought of:

“It leaves me with a huge question, Alex. You have uncovered the New World Order, which is deadly, it’s full of people who are criminals… who seek to run the world and will kill anybody that gets in their way, and you are almost a lone crusader powering against them. So, how are you still alive?”

Oh, snap! But Jones had a comeback, saying that he had received death threats for “exposing” Hillary Clinton for attending a meeting (wasn’t that part of her job?) and for his online “empire” and paranoid rants on YouTube. But he can’t be killed, he insists, because he’d become a martyr and everything he claimed will be true. Self-important, much? He began shouting:

“Hey, listen! I’m here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up. This isn’t a game, okay? Our government, in the U.S., is building FEMA camps. We have an NDAA where they disappear people now. You have this arrest for public safety… life in prison!”

It was at this point that Neil quipped:

“You are the worst person I have interviewed.”

As Jones bellowed in reply about “liberty” and, of course, plugging his hack website (“Infowarsdotcom!”), Neil looked at the camera and made the universal sign for “crazy,” spinning his index finger next to his ear. Andrew Neil spoke for all of us as he took Jones down in inimitable British fashion. But Jones, as usual, just did not get it. His act is getting stale and now the entire UK understands what we in America have to put up with.

Here’s the video: