Fox News Host To Leader Of Violent Anti-Muslim Hate Group: ‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Brian Kilmeade from Fox News.

You’ll never believe what Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade allowed — even encouraged! — this anti-Muslim hate group leader to say on national television. Brian Kilmeade from Fox News. Image from TheRichest.Org.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade has given a hate group a ringing endorsement on national television.

Recently, Kilmeade hosted Tommy Robinson, the co-founder of a radical right-wing anti-muslim organization, on his Fox News radio show. Robinson’s group, the English Defence League, has been widely condemned in the media as a hate group. CNN, The Guardian, Associated Press, and NPR have all noted that the group involves itself in extreme, “virulent” behaviors against Muslims. But, of course, Kilmeade and Fox News found this to be no reason to not give the group a platform on which to preach it’s hate.

In a near fifteen minute interview, with no opposing voices, Robinson was free to make comments such as:

“In thirty years’ time, they [Muslims] will be forcefully putting us under Sharia. There will be a violent struggle across this country, complete civil breakdown and disorder.”

“That’s the tip of the iceberg. You see, the violent jihadists — now they are a real problem and they do [inaudible] what they’re doing. But this silent jihad that’s going on. This silent takeover and planning to take over and implement Sharia, they’re the ones I’m terrified of because they’re actually sitting around tables of government. They’re actually in positions of power. They’ve infiltrated major positions across the whole entire government. And I say don’t listen to what we’re saying. Listen to what they’re saying. They’re openly telling us they want to take over the country. They’re openly committing treason. They’re openly Islamifying areas, and it has to end, and that’s what we’re saying.”

“In the World War, we need America’s help. Now in this country, we need America’s support because we need to take our country back.”

Not only does this man openly preach his rampant Islamophobia, but he advocates a “violent struggle” against some imaginary Islamic agenda. For certain, the group already has a long rap-sheet of violent acts in its short life, despite its claims of peaceful protest. The group has clashed with police in the past, causing injuries and damage to property. Members of the group have targeted Muslims and other minorities, threatening, intimidating, and assaulting them. Robinson has even been denied entry into the United States, which he skirted by using fake documents to obtain entrance so that he could attend a conference called SION 911 Freedom Conference. (SION stands for Stop the Islamization of Nations, an organization headed up by anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller.) Despite all of this, groups like the English Defence League are likely to get an uptick in membership after the recent attack on a British solider by Muslim extremists angered at the kind of aggression they see coming from groups just like the EDL.

So what does Kilmeade have to say after interviewing Robinson and hearing all about his ideology?

“Well Tommy, we got your back, and we’ll definitely look to keep in touch and I really think it’s a very– it’s great what you’re doing.”

“It’s great what you’re doing,” he says. Of course, this is the same man who has previously made clear his belief that all Muslims are terrorists. How’s that for a sweeping generalization?