The Hypocrisy Of Hannity Over The ‘New’ NSA Surveillance ‘Scandal’ Is Endemic Of A Bigger Problem (VIDEO)

Definition of Hannity hypocrisy: Hollering on one side of an issue before you holler on the other.

Definition of Hannity Hypocrisy: hollering on one side of an issue before you holler on the other. [Video screenshot]

Back in 2006 during the Bush administration, when the same type of surveillance was under apparently cyclical scrutiny, Sean Hannity became the biggest supporter of the policy. In fact, on his show he excoriated those who opposed it many times. The MediaMatters mash-up below is a classic that shows the hypocrisy. While this may be funny to some and upsetting to others, the reason this type of hypocrisy must be explored is because of the corrosive effect it has on the body politic.


We know  that you are against the NSA data mining. We know that you are against the NSA surveillance program. So the question is, where does the Democratic Party, what will you do if you are elected to power to make our country safe from the war on terror? Specifically what will your party support? …

You have Pat Leahy saying that he doesn’t want an NSA surveillance program. Nancy Pelosi, the woman who’d love to be Speaker, she is  against the NSA surveillance. …

Is it right to say that issues regarding national security, be it the NSA surveillance program, the data mining program, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, that Democrats are weak on issues involving national security? …

Our techniques are working. We’ve got the NSA program here, we have the Patriot Act program here. In light of this, how close this was, it’s staggering to me that we are even debating the use of these techniques in this country even at this time. …

During Obama:

Big Brother is monitoring your every move whether it be online or on the telephone. Let’s talk about why this story, why is it important to you. …

Number  one, this is America and as law-abiding American citizens you have a right to privacy. Number two, these actions by the Obama administration are clear, very clear violations of the Fourth amendment, which prohibits unlimited search and seizure. Number three, the Constitution, it is our rule of law. If we  do not respect and honor the Constitution, then anarchy and tyranny will then follow.

Here is the video:


The intent here is not to solely point out the hypocrisy that is being engendered by this recycled debate. It is to show how the American people are being hoodwinked by the media. One can make an argument on either side of this debate that is both plausible and constitutional. This debate, however, must be intellectually honest. To date, it has not been on either side.

The problem is the inconsistency of those engaged in the debate, the lack of pragmatic logic for some, and the complicity of the media in misleading Americans. It is true that Sean Hannity is nothing more than an ideologue with a dedicated following for which he is the puppeteer. It is also true that most Americans do not take him seriously.

The ‘respected’ media, however, is not very far behind Sean Hannity in either being manipulated by stories or being a party to the manipulation of stories. The NSA story has been out since 2006. The surprise and outrage being articulated by the mainstream media is, at best, fabricated for ratings.

Using and manipulating these stories have consequences. They take all the oxygen away from more important stories. Why is there no continuous story of a job recovery composed mostly of substandard jobs? Why is there no continuous coverage of the real effects sequester is having on the poor and the middle class?

Allowing the same parties to take different sides of the same issue for political gain simply allows the metastasis of misinformation. Who can forget the media not stressing that the healthcare mandate was a Republican/Heritage Foundation idea that under-Obama Republicans ran from? Who can forget that the carbon tax was a capitalist/conservative/Republican approach (trading carbon) that Sarah Palin and others then labeled cap and tax?

Americans must grow up lest they remain infants dependent on the direction from puppeteers who do not care for their  well-being The above video is probative and should  enlighten anyone who is predisposed to reality.