Awesome Cheerios Ad Parody Sticks It To The Haters, Should Be On TV (VIDEO)


I see your racism and raise you an awesome video. Or, at least, the producer of this video, Kenji America (YouTube), does. With the explosive reaction to Cheerios’ biracial ad demonstrating the truth behind America’s theoretical post-racial era (and the fact that we haven’t entered one), it’s nice to see a wonderful response like this.

Here’s the video:


Although there are some ignorant comments, the positive far outweighed them. Take the following example:

awesome reply

For the work and time involved, not to mention parental sanity, a child probably should have two parents, if possible, but it really doesn’t matter in the end — and nor does it matter what sex the parents are. You know what really matters for a kid? Love and acceptance. Any person that says that someone’s sexuality prevents them from being a good parent is teaching their kid(s) (assuming they have one) divisiveness and ignorance, which is poor parenting in the eyes of many. Teach children curiosity, instead, as opposed to fear or ignorance.

Here’s a quick lesson in what kinds of parents can raise a child with no adverse effects:

  • Biracial couples.
  • Same-sex couples.
  • Single parent.
  • Same race couples.
  • Heterosexual couples.
  • Any adult (and, unfortunately often, teens with support) capable of loving and providing a safe environment for a child to learn and grow.

Simple enough, right?