Conservative Wisdom (VIDEO)

Author: June 16, 2013 1:04 pm

If this video doesn’t scare you, you don’t realize that this woman is not the exception. She reflects the level of intellect, bigotry and naiveté of more Americans than many of us would want to acknowledge.

There are two kinds of Republicans, the manipulators and the manipulated.

Here’s the video:


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  • I’d guess she also gets her “facts” from the conspiracy monglers at infowars, worldnetdaily, and breitbart.

    “Don’t vote for Obama and Obamacare, vote for the guy who did the exact same thing in Massachussets!”

  • Use Birth Control- you too could end up with a Sandy.

  • There’s nothing at all new or remarkable about this woman. People like her have always existed. This country didn’t reach its present sorry state by accident. It was carefully planned and flawlessly executed – almost literally. The only thing “they” didn’t plan on was Obama delaying the coup de grace. With luck this fall, we can delay it at least another four years. However, it’s closer than you think, and it is relentless. It just may take a bonafide miracle for us to avoid it.

  • Another certifiably schizophrenic old woman, like the anti-gay ranting woman in Lincoln, Nebraska? Or just a typical, modern-day GOP voter? you be the judge!

  • I don’t agree with anything the lady said. But I am more apalled by the reporter than her, a vulnerable, uninformed woman who was premditatedly induced by the interviewer to say outrageous things. Shooting fish in a barrel. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

  • “You can choose to believe nothing, or you can choose to believe everything…either way, you don’t have to think!”
    Let’s choose to question everything…yes, I know: it takes effort to do so, but don’t you want to be SURE of what you believe? And NOT be like that woman?
    Truth will stand up to scrutiny, and I trash my beliefs on a regular basis because new information, that I didn’t have before, is constantly forthcoming and reveals any fallacies that I may be embracing.
    There is nothing wrong with being mistaken, as long as you are willing to change….

  • I’m not sure if the reporter is for real…sounds as if he knows how to push Tea Qaeda buttons and get them to say the most heinous, ignorant, outrageous, hateful nonsense possible.

    Clearly the woman is a bitter, angry, soulless creature – who else would join Tea Qaeda, after all? So he knows that he’s going to get some jaw dropping responses just by using key words like ‘liberals’, ‘Obama’, ‘birth certificate’ etc.

  • David Presley

    I feel like I want to vomit… :-/ Frankly, I just feel sorry for her and people that fall into her category. It shows just how effective the righty propoganda machine is.

  • The reporter isn’t any smarter than she is. Their level of ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

  • Republican voters remind me of dogs chasing their tails… Round and round they go, same issues over and over, not seeing what is going on around them in the real world. Eventually they are going to catch their tails and stand there with a pitiful look in their eyes that says, “now what”?

  • These people believe this nonsense because they want to. Right wing media merely gives (relatively) articulate voice to the fears and pathologies of its audience. As such, it preys on the vanity of those who think that what the country REALLY needs is someone more like THEMSELVES. Information is accepted or rejected, not on its own critical merits, but on how closely it aligns with what the viewer/listener already fears or believes.

    Truly a case of the wicked leading the stupid. Gawd help us all…

  • This is why you must get out and vote, because people like this do vote….

  • I am speechless after listening to that..

  • Interesting that these are the very people who think “intellectuals” shouldn’t run the country! Can you imagine this lady talking to the leader of a foreign country??????

  • Good gawd.

    My brain needs to be bleached, and my ears checked. Wow.

  • Not a single thought of her own. Very scary–might as well be an automaton.

  • The scary part is that she is not the exception but the norm among those that hold the Grand Old Party near and dear. Never before in my life have I been so afraid of the current political agenda that is being pushed by the right. It is insane and hard for me to understand how people are go gullible to fall for it.

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