Senator Ted Cruz Panders To GOP’s Racist Base With New Voter ID Amendment Targeting Immigrants


How dare the Supreme Court reject Arizona's racist Voter ID law?! Never fear!!! Immigrant hating Senator Ted Cruz is coming to the rescue.

How dare the Supreme Court reject Arizona’s racist Voter ID law?! Never fear!!! Immigrant hating Senator Ted Cruz is coming to the rescue.

The Supreme Court handed down a 7-2 decision on Monday rejecting Arizona’s Voter ID law. The 2004 voter-approved referendum mandated prospective voters prove their citizenship in order to register to vote under the federal “motor voter” registration law. Arizona, known for its friendly and welcoming attitude towards immigrants claimed it was a way for the state to keep undocumented immigrants from voting. Even though both the Bush and Obama Administrations have investigated voter fraud and neither discovered that there is rampant voter fraud (Bush found a whopping 120 in five years)  by any group much less undocumented immigrants. Of course this hasn’t persuaded Republicans to stop trying to suppress votes and one Senator in particular is none too pleased with the ruling.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to Facebook today to express his disagreement with the SCOTUS ruling and promise his fellow racists that he is going to set things right:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that the federal “Motor Voter” law preempts Arizona’s proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration.

This hole in federal statutory law allows non-citizens to register and thereby encourages voter fraud.

I will file a commonsense amendment to the immigration bill that permits states to require I.D. before registering voters.

Encourages voter fraud? I don’t think so. Let me say this, my husband is an immigrant and I know lots of other immigrants through him and the very last thing on their minds is the urge to commit voting fraud. They are much more concerned with working and providing for their families. Also, as I stated above, there is no such fraud going on; it has been investigated and the myth debunked.

Another point to make is that Voter ID laws are inherently unconstitutional. State issued identification cards cost money and requiring people to present a document that costs money to obtain to vote in an election is a violation of the 24th Amendment:

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.

But hey! This is a Republican Senator we are talking about and we all know how the Constitution only consists of one amendment in the minds of the right-wing.

Despite these facts, roughly five hours later Cruz updated his Facebook status and let his followers know that he did indeed file the Voter ID Amendment:

The right to vote is a fundamental building block of our nation’s democratic process and it crucial that we have the measures in place to uphold the integrity of our elections.

Just filed an amendment to the immigration bill that ensures that states can enforce the commonsense requirement that those registered to vote must actually be U.S. citizens.

Ironic that his statement begins with,” The right to vote is a fundamental building block…” What he really meant was ‘the right to vote is a fundamental building block for non-Mexicans.’ Ted Cruz is known for his distaste of immigrants, even going so far as offering an Amendment to the immigration bill that would make it so immigrants never get citizenship. He is not a man who wants a comprehensive bill to pass, this is a fact. I find this very funny because when you Google Senator Ted Cruz all of the description of him make a big deal about him being the first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas, yet he continues to attack other Hispanics.

The only thing worse than a racist, in the Hispanic community, is a racist that is also Hispanic. As my husband says ‘that is the worst of the worst.’ It is baffling but not uncommon in the Republican Party. In 2010 one of the most ferocious advocates for Arizona’s SB1070 immigration bill was state Rep. Steve Montenegro, not only is he Hispanic but also an immigrant! Yet, there he was seeking to blatantly discriminate against fellow Hispanic immigrants. Ted Cruz is no better, one might even venture to say that he himself is an immigrant, as he was born in Canada not the USA. However, his mother is American so he has birthright citizenship. Maybe that’s what it is, Cruz is a hard-line, anti-immigrant, Tea Party Republican because he feels the need to compensate for the fact that he was born elsewhere.

Who knows, what Cruz is thinking but one thing is for certain: his attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling by introducing this unconstitutional amendment speaks volumes of his respect for the Court. Why is it that the party that supposedly loves, loves, LOVES the Constitution are always the first ones to stomp all over it?