Survey Finds Self Proclaimed Conservatives Actually Liberal

Survey Says...... (All credit to Mark Goodson, creator of Family Feud)

Survey Says……
(All credit to Mark Goodson, creator of Family Feud)

The studies for years have found a rising number of people proclaiming themselves as conservative, with Gallup finding that a full 42% of people in the United States proclaiming themselves to be either conservative or very conservative. The question comes, however, are they Conservative at all?

When people are actually polled, and asked for their specific questions, the results show something dramatically different. For decades, studies have shown that those who proclaim themselves conservative actually hold few, if any, conservative ideals. One of the issues at the foundation of this is that there is no actual conservative movement within the United States. Those who call themselves conservative are properly moderate, liberal, or neoliberal. As Leo Ribuffo noted in his article “20 Suggestions for Studying the Right now that Studying the Right is Trendy” published in Historically Speaking, January 2011, “what Americans now call conservatism much of the world calls liberalism or neoliberalism.”

And as the baby boomer population ages out, the new, younger generations are moving in. And they are bringing with them a new perspective on political philosophy. A paper released on June 13th, 2013 breaks this down even further. The study, run by the Pew Research Center, evaluated 713 young Americans on a political spectrum test (which you can take yourself here). What they found undermined most of the preconceived notions of the participants.

Many of those who viewed themselves as extremely liberal were more moderately liberal. But more extreme, those who called themselves conservatives were often times either solidly moderate, or liberal, in their outlooks. As reported in PsyPost, the youth are ever increasingly more liberal in their viewpoints, while still claiming the mantle of Conservative.

What this means for the Republican party, with its claims of conservatism, is that their days are numbered. While it may claim to be conservative, the truth is liberalism is taking over. It may even be true that conservatism never took hold at all, and that it was only the label, divorced from true conservatism, which was the fad. Ultimately, the fate is clear. Conservatism, as a political force, is dead.

The United States gave Conservatives their opportunity to prove that their ideas worked. Instead of bringing a new golden era, they destroyed the American Dream. As the millenials grow up they are challenging, and destroying, conservatism. Even those who helped shape modern-day conservatism reject the policies. When libertarian think tanks agree that conservatism is dead, put the fork in it.

The United States has been prosperous not under conservative ideals, but under Liberal. The Square Deal, the New Deal, the Great Society, these liberal programs built the greatness which conservatives have thrown away. The younger generation looks out, and sees the American Dream promised them has been erased with a nightmare, built by conservatism. There is no need to wonder why they would reject the nature of conservatism, even if they use the name conservative.