Missouri Mom Faces Charges Of 2nd Degree Murder After Giving Boyfriend Permission To Rape Her Infant, Resulting In Baby’s Death

Author: June 19, 2013 5:07 am
Can one help but wonder, is this what our 'rape culture' has come to, when mothers start handing over their babies to be raped. Jessica Lynn Howell, the Missouri woman charged with allowing her boyfriend to sexually assault and murder her 4-month-old daughter.

Can one help but wonder, is this what our ‘rape culture’ has come to, when mothers start handing over their babies to be raped. Jessica Lynn Howell, the Missouri woman charged with allowing her boyfriend to sexually assault and murder her 4-month-old daughter. Image from CBS News.

Disclaimer: The details of this case are extremely graphic.

A Missouri mother finds herself behind bars, held on a million dollar bond, after giving her four-month-old daughter to her boyfriend last December – for sex.

Jessica Lynn Howell, 25, knew that her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, 24, was a convicted pedophile after finding out through an internet search. Howell had even discussed his convictions for a sexual offense against a minor with him. She started sending him text messages that the complaint and probable cause statement filed by the police says “suggested a willingness to allow him to have sexual relations” with her four-month-old baby, Ashlynn. He, unsurprisingly, took her up on her offer, and in December of 2012, Howell and her baby stayed the night at his home, and she was present when he did what he did to her daughter.

For what Prince did to that innocent four-month-old baby, there are no words. The baby girl died an agonizing death. Prince beat her viciously, as evidenced by the blunt force trauma that caused hemorrhaging. He sexually assaulted her, inflicting such massive damage to her bladder, uterus, and anus, that the injuries are believed to be enough to have eventually led to her death had Prince not strangled her to death first.

Prince is currently being held on a cash-only bond while awaiting trial for charges of 1st degree murder, forcible sodomy, and child abuse. Howell is facing second degree murder and child abuse charges.

I have never been a big believer in the death penalty. I have always felt that death is just too easy for these offenders, the worst of the worst. Cases such as these reinforce that belief. A painless death is just too good for them. Let them suffer–in general population. That situation will correct itself quickly and at little cost to the taxpayer.

Of course, a case such as this is not exclusive to this century. I have noticed, however, that it seems to be in the news more often. For example, ABC News reported back in July of last year that a South African man was sentenced to life in prison for mercilessly raping a nine-month-old baby. An Ohio man was recently in the news for unashamedly asking for mercy after being convicted of raping and murdering a six-month-old baby. His reason? He intended to rape her, but not kill her. In Ohio, it’s the difference between life in prison and the death penalty.

I can’t help but wonder, is this what our “rape culture” has come to–mothers handing over their children to be raped? Sick men thinking that a baby is a suitable target for their cruel, inhumane fantasies? Is this yet another sick manifestation of the desensitization to rape that our society has obviously undergone?

I don’t know.

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  • Once again proving that the most horrific child abuse takes place at the hands of men romantically involved with the mother, but not biologically related to the child. Guess she viewed the baby as a disposable relic of a failed relationship (where’s the real father??), and didn’t care what happened to her.

    “Let them suffer–in general population.”

    This is where our rape culture already is: the general sentiment of “rape is a horrendous crime, except when it happens to men in prison, in which case it’s either hilarious or deserved.” And this isn’t just for baby-rapers, it’s any sex offender (and to an extent, criminals in general), whether they’re molesting children, violently raping someone, having non-forcible sex with a slightly-underage romantic partner, or chatting online to arrange ostensibly-willing sex with police or Perverted-Justice trolls posing as fictional minors.

    I’m pretty sure if the courts and judged formalized the punishment by actively sentencing people to be anally violated, it’d run afoul of the 8th Amendment. How do those who condemn or “unite against” rape condone or ignore prison rape?

    • Smashington

      I’m pretty sure they meant he would get murdered in prison. Prisoners generally brutally murder sex offenders. Not have prison sex with them.

    • I should clarify–by saying they should be in general pop doesn’t mean I take prison rape lightly. As a matter of fact, I wrote a detailed paper on the very topic as a criminology student. However, I am a strong believer that rapists should not be protected from the general prison population. It’s not condoning rape in any form. It’s saying that often times, the prison population has a way of exacting it’s own justice. Look at Dahmer, for instance.

      I think you make a great point about rape being an accepted part of prison life. I don’t think, however, that a rapist should be excluded from suffering the way any other prisoner might suffer, especially a rapist of this caliber.

  • I believe in the death penalty. In this case, cruel and unusal seems appropriate for the Boyfriend. And mandatory sterilization for the ex-momma.

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