Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud


The Republican party is certain that U.S. elections are rife with voter fraud. How are they so sure of that? Apparently because Republican operatives are the source of most of it.

This past Tuesday, Adam Ward of Bassett County Virginia pleaded guilty to 36 counts of voter fraud and perjury in connection with an attempt to help Newt Gingrich reach the number of signatures required to appear on last year’s Virginia presidential primary ballot. Ward collected over 11,000 signatures on behalf of Gingrich, over 4,000 of which, according to investigators, could not be verified. According to RawStory, the Virginia campaign of Texas governor Rick Perry faced a similar dilemma, with almost half the 11,900 signatures collected on his behalf failing verification. No Perry supporters are currently facing criminal charges.

A variety of Republican-controlled state legislatures passed “anti-voter fraud” legislation in 2012, in what was considered by many to be a blatant attempt to disenfranchise traditional Democratic constituencies such as minorities and college students. These measures typically centered around enhanced ID requirements for voters. Courts blocked the implementation of many of these laws in time for the 2012 election, but left open the possibility that they could be permitted to go into effect in the future. The Minnesota Post reported that an analysis of over 2,000 cases of voter fraud revealed an “infinitesimal” rate of fraud, and that “in person” fraud of the type that is targeted by voter ID laws is “virtually non-existent.”

The irony of the big GOP push for voter ID laws seems to be that when it comes to actual voter fraud, Republicans are often the ones who are most responsible. Consider the following examples of voter fraud that have been committed over the past few years: