McConnell Vows To Protect Citizens United And The Fiction Of Corporate Personhood (Video)

Author: June 22, 2013 7:46 pm

On Friday was speaking at the conservative American Enterprise Institute where he was confronted with a question regarding corporate personhood. Earlier this month Senator introduced a constitutional amendment clarifying that are not “people.” Senator McConnell called the proposed amendment absurd.

“Well you have to give them some points for not hiding it… They are uncomfortable with corporate free speech obviously. They were not uncomfortable with corporate free speech when that owned newspapers or television stations were engaging in it. They only become uncomfortable with it when the said, why should there be a carve out for that own the media outlet and for no one else? It’s an absurd proposal and it won’t go anywhere.”

Author: Chris Lazare is a student, currently enrolled in the Political Science Master's program at Florida Atlantic University. He hosts an online podcast called Truth Refuge Radio, which can be found on iTunes. He also is a contributor for the online blog and podcast An American Atheist. You can follow his random observations on Twitter Feel free to like his Facebook page Opinionated Leftist and communicate through there!

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