Right Wing Radio Host Tells Woman To Shut Her Mouth And Know Her Role On Hannity (VIDEO)

Bill Cunningham

Until conservatives accept women as the masters of their own destinies, bodies, and decisions, sexist attitudes will continue to drive away female support. image @BillCunninghamShow

Women have been enduring wave after wave of rampant sexism from the right-wing for decades now. After the outrageous episode that occurred on Fox News this past Thursday night, one has to ask why in hell would any woman would watch that particular station.

Fox panelist Tamara Holder appeared on Fox with Sean Hannity that evening to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony in front of Congress. Conservatives are convinced that Holder lied to Congress and have started a petition calling for his ouster from office. Joining Tamara Holder was Bill Cunningham, a conservative radio host who decided it was perfectly appropriate to verbally abuse her on the air in the most sexist manner possible.

As they discussed the Attorney General, Cunningham rudely pointed his finger directly in Holder’s face and loudly demanded that she sign the petition. Holder wasn’t about to allow Cunningham to get away with that. She returned the favor, pointed her finger at him and told him that his finger pointing was clearly rude. That’s when Cunningham fired off a string of sexist remarks in what seemed to be an effort to force her into submission. From Raw Story:

Holder: “I really hope that when you speak to a judge, you don’t point your finger in their face the entire time. Your finger does not prove your point.”

Cunningham: “Whose finger’s in my face right now?”

Holder: “Mine, because I’m telling you to shut up.”

Cunningham: “Wait a minute, you shut up. Know your role and shut your mouth.”

Holder: “My role as a woman?”

Cunningham: “Yeah, yeah.”

Later on, as Holder was clearly frustrated by the situation, Cunningham struck again. “What, are you going to cry?” Cunningham asked.

Here’s the video:

As if conservatives aren’t already associated with anti-women attitudes, Cunningham drove that association all the way home on Hannity’s show on Thursday, underscoring precisely why women are abandoning the Republican Party. In addition to blatant sexism, conservative males are making every effort to legislate women’s bodies across the nation and some conservatives have voiced their belief that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and should be submissive to men at all times and remain in the home, presumably pregnant and barefoot with no thoughts or dreams of the opportunities they could explore as free citizens.

But this isn’t the first time a male guest on Fox News has made outrageously sexist comments, and it probably won’t be the last. During a segment with Lou Dobbs in May, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson complained about the increasing number of women being the breadwinners in their households by making the outrageous and completely false claim that science proves that women should be submissive to men and that men should earn more money. The comment drew outrage across the country and even Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted Erickson’s sexist claim, which comes at a time when women are fighting for equal pay for equal work while Republicans continually resist or make the pay gap worse.

Until conservatives accept that women are the masters of their own destinies, their bodies, and their decisions, Republicans can expect to lose more and more support of women voters in years to come. The rampant sexism within the GOP holds women and America back. It’s a plague that women have been fighting to extinguish since the founding era. Perhaps one day, sexism will cease to exist in conservative circles. The problem for Republicans remains whether they themselves will wipe sexism out of the party or will voters do it by making the GOP cease to exist as a political party altogether.