Right Wing Nut Jobs: DOMA Decision Means The End Of Straight Marriage, Civilization (VIDEOS)


While many are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA and Prop 8, the Right Wing is shaking their collective heads and pointing their collective fingers and thumping their collective Bibles at the Supreme Court, the Obama administration, the LGBT community, and their supporters, claiming that the decision is a clear sign that the end times are upon us.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), no stranger to ridiculous comments, responded to the dual decisions handed down today:

“[T]he most wise men [sic] in history, Solomon, said ‘There’s nothing new under the sun,’ and this [same-sex marriage] isn’t new and it’s been tried over and over, and it’s usually tried at the end of a great civilization.”

It seems Rep. Gohmert is again speaking of which he knows not. As a trained archaeologist, I can say with a good deal of confidence that many great civilizations have come and gone over thousands of years of human history, and none of them met their collapse because of same-sex marriage. Deforestation? Likely. Pollution? Likely. Disease? War? Famine? Yes, yes, yes. Same-sex marriage? Nope.

Gohmert goes on in his statement:

“So, just in closing, I would remind you of the document that allowed the United States to claim its independence and be free as recognized by England; the Treaty of Paris 1783. And it- if you will look at that document you will see big, bold letters at the very top because, put yourself in the place of the Americans. What would you make Britain swear under that they would be so afraid to go back on their word? What would you make them swear under that document that required England to recognize our independence? Well what our founders came up with were these words: ‘In the name of the most holy and undivided trinity.’ That’s why it started that way and they did not believe that even the adversaries in war would have the nerve to go against that. What we now have today is a holy quintet who goes against the laws of nature and nature’s God, and that’s very unfortunate.”

Watch his comments here:

Another day, another mistaken notion that somehow this country was intended to be a theocracy. What does the Treaty of Paris have to do with the decisions today? It seems as if Louie is trying to say that it is the Bible on which our country is founded. This, of course, is not the case, but don’t attempt to tell him. Gohmert, of course, is in no way the only right wing nut job thumping his Bible in disappointment. The American Family Association president Tim Wildmon shares the notion that we are a nation founded on a 2,000 year old book. From the AFA website:

“We are deeply saddened by today’s decision to not only allow but encourage same-sex marriage in our country—a country that was founded on biblical principles. We mourn for America’s future, but we are not without hope,” said Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association. “Our next line of defense is to vigorously protect our religious liberty. The homosexual lobby and agenda is running rampant across America, and is even pervading our elementary schools. The judicial activism that is being demonstrated is deplorable as the Supreme Court is imposing its will on the people and legislatures of the fifty states in our United States of America. Now, we must warn against the coming persecution, the barrage of criticism and the aggressive action of the homosexual agenda to indoctrinate and change the thoughts and convictions of Americans to accept this lifestyle as the new normal. In addition, the trend of classifying statements that have a biblical foundation as ‘hate speech’ is one that AFA will do everything in its power to prevent.”

On a radio show, Tim Wildmon also made it clear that it is a “very sad day in our country, because this is America shaking its fist at God almighty.”

Here’s the video:

And, of course, let us not forget that most hateful of online magazines, CharismaNews (a real misnomer since they have neither charisma or news), which put out a column in which one of their writers starts out lamenting that their prayers went unanswered, then goes on to claim that the decisions today show that Satan is using the issue of marriage equality as a way of bringing about the “end times” and seeking the eventual ban of straight marriages.

The cuckoo is indeed strong with the right wing today.