Of All The Stupid Things Said In Reaction To The DOMA Ruling, This May Be The Worst

"The ritual of marrying animals to exorcise ghosts" from Newsnow Magazine

“The ritual of marrying animals to exorcise ghosts” from Newsnow Magazine

With all the insanity coming from the right on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision last week, you might think that they’ve covered all the bases. Religious persecution and claims that the SCOTUS is wrong? Check. God defined marriage? Check. Even claims that people will marry animals. Yes, it’s Louie Gohmert – how did you guess?

But Les Kinsolving, who recently retired as the World Net Daily‘s White House correspondent, goes one step further. I guess he was thumbing through a fantasy version of the American Psychiatric Association‘s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) handbook, the same one that the American Family Association dreamed up, because he fell back on a myth perpetuated by the AFA. That being, that the ASA officially recognizes 30 different sexual orientations. The ASA has debunked this many times but you know how those extremists feel about silly old facts.

Kinsolving wrote a July 1 column on the WND website entitled, “I’m With Scalia, Not The Zoophiliacs.” Once again, we see that conservatives have some kind of fascination with bestiality. The whole bunch of them need to seek therapy. Anyway, Kinsolving wrote:

[The decision]… should be an absolute boon for those alternate Mormons who still believe in polygamy – as well as the polyandrous (women who would like to have more than one husband at a time)… Then, consider the great joy of members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, which was allowed to march – men with their small boy lovers – in gay parades in both New York and San Francisco… Among the many other alternate sexual orientations that may well be counted upon to cite this Supreme Court decision are: The incestuous; Necrophiliacs (providing they properly and healthily preserve the corpses); Zoophiliacs, who practice bestiality (providing this form of sexual expression is applied only to freely consenting beasts)… The American Family Association Online has noted that the American Psychiatric Association has published 30 sexual orientations, beginning with apotemnophilia (sexual arousal associated with a stump of an amputee), asphyxophilia (sexual gratification from oxygen deprivation) and autogenophilia (sexual arousal of a man by perception of himself as a woman or dressed as a woman).

That is a lot of stupidity and bigotry in a very small space. First of all, there are laws against most of those and others are merely unusual kinks. Necrophilia is illegal in all 50 states – even if the actual word is not used, the crime would fall under one of several other illegal activities, including disturbing the peace, theft or desecration. Pedophilia is also illegal so that whole NAMBLA thing is a strawman. As for therm marching in gay pride parades, they are routinely prevented from doing so and kicked out if they try. Polygamy and polyandry are also both technically illegal, though many people live these lifestyles without legal confirmation and, as long as everyone is happy and consenting, why not? But they will never be considered to be married under the law. Incest? It happens – Jerry Lee Lewis, anyone? – cousins marrying is already accepted and legal in most cases, provided the age of consent has been passed. Other forms of incestuous marriage are illegal, not to mention culturally taboo.

Then there is bestiality, the one so many conservatives seem to be fixated upon. It makes me wonder a few things (not least of which is if they own pets), among them their reading comprehension. Marriage laws in this country involve human beings. Just human beings. Though some states have addressed the issue: an Alabama law states that one can marry an animal, as long as it is already related to you. WTH? That one makes my brain hurt. The majority of cases of people marrying animals had to do with ancient sacred Kings marrying goddesses (in the guise of one of her totem animals) or appear in folk tales. Though in some countries it is not unknown, it is unlikely to see a surge in popularity here in the United States.

It is amusing to see the lengths to which those on the right will go to try to smear marriage equality. Though, at the heart of it, their bigotry is an ugly outgrowth of the sexual sublimation engendered by a culture that believes sexuality to be a sin. It’s sad in a way. But since they can’t seem to be able to keep their self-hatred to themselves, we have to be assaulted with idiotic rants such as Mr. Kinsolving wrote. Even when confronted with facts and proof and all that sort of socialism – or whatever they’re calling it today – they can’t, or won’t, accept that society is progressing and we will continue to do so, with or without them.