To Stop Pornography, One Florida Pastor Calls Upon People To Destroy Their Computers (VIDEO)

The forces which seek to turn the United States into a third world nation have struck once again. Not content with the fight to eliminate education by replacing it with their own brand of religion, now one pastor in Florida has called upon his parishioners to destroy modern technology.

From The Church At The Mall website

From The Church At The Mall website

Meet Jay Dennis of the First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Florida. He has selected, as his mission in life, to eradicate what he terms “pornography.” He has called it the “new bubonic plague,” asserting that it’s “as addictive as crack cocaine.” These claims are designed to incite and confuse the audience, and have little basis in reality.

Of course, what is pornography to Mr. Dennis is up for debate; while he does talk about it, he spends no time actually defining what, specifically, he is fighting against. As pointed out by The National Academies NetSafeKids website, there actually is no universally accepted definition of pornography, which means it is up to Mr. Dennis to define what he actually means by the word.

An example of Mr. Dennis’ call for the elimination of pornography was provided by The Daily Beast. Here’s the video:

To quote Mr. Dennis from the video:

“I believe as many as 80 percent of men in the church are struggling with viewing pornography. You may even need to destroy your present computer. I realize that can be an expensive move, but it may be necessary if you are serious about living porn-free.” [Emphasis added.]

Of course, it could all be a ruse, as now Mr. Dennis has made that call – while at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Houston this week – for people to destroy their computers in order to eliminate porn from their lives. To keep track of pornography elimination, Mr. Dennis has made available a special app for the iPhone and iPad

Hold on a second.

On one hand, he suggests eliminating pornography by any means necessary, even destroying your computer, but to support that instruction, they release an application for… a computer. Smartphones are handheld computers, simply paired up with cellular phone systems.

This is typical for neo-luddites; they do not understand technology so they fear it. To them, the computer is a scary mystery box while a telephone is simple, when in truth the smartphone is typically a far more complex machine at its heart.

Perhaps they believe that smartphones cannot be utilized for pornographic purposes. Now that you have stopped laughing, know that there are numerous applications for the enjoyment of pornography for your mobile device. You can find many, if you look carefully. This makes Mr. Dennis’ comments look even more foolish, as one can enjoy his anti-pornography application just as soon as the smartphone user is finished with “YouPorn Mobile.”

Mr. Dennis is making such a call not for some perceived evil, but for control. He cannot control the computer, but he can direct people to his application through which he can channel his messages (and advertisements for his books). This is not about saving people; it is about making people feel guilty over what is actually a normal part of a healthy and active lifestyle. By denying a person’s nature, they become more susceptible to manipulation, a common tactic for cults engaging in brainwashing.

By labeling human nature as unclean, these organizations enforce loyalty. After all, they are, in effect, fighting against natural instincts themselves, therefore they can almost guarantee relapse, which in turn will require “atonement” for their transgressions. This is typically achieved by a heavy donation to the church, purchase of materials such as books, which in turn gives solid financial incentive for these groups to engage in such practices. By Mr. Dennis making the call to destroy your computer, he is making the radical noise needed to reach out to those who he wishes to convert in his ridiculous attempt to claim superiority. This is a tactic well-known to those who have left the Church of Scientology, and it is sad to see the Southern Baptist Convention embracing someone who engages in such tactics. Of course, he is hardly alone in this desire to control people through the denial of human behavior. After all, according to those on the Christian Right, hate is a virtue so what better way to control people than to make them hate themselves?

There will always be people like Mr. Dennis, ready to exploit those who feel amiss in life. These tactics by the radical Christian Right are becoming very established. They will claim their enemies are not American, continue to seek the establishment of religious law in the United States (so long as it is their religion), and even push for the replacement of all sciences with religious studies. And if you point out a historical or current truth about them, they will go on the attack claiming prejudice. These are dangerous people who will not stop until they have absolute and total destruction of the democratic system itself and replace it with a theocratic state. Because they can only think in these terms, their answer to any problem is to frame it in a religious context. This is the opposite of what the founding fathers believed and, if embraced, is a march to destruction of the United States of America.

Mr. Dennis at best is demonstrating himself a fool, at worst a con man seeking new ways through which to control his flock. Computers (created by homosexual Alan Turing) are not “gateways to hell,” as Mr. Dennis implies. They are tools – it does not matter if desktop, laptop, or smartphone – that can be used however their user desires. If Mr. Dennis does, in fact, have members of his parish who are pornography addicts, his solution will do nothing to solve their issue, and would, over time, do far more damage than good. Instead they should seek out a professional therapist for help. Even more foolishly, Mr. Dennis blames the computer for pornography, despite the existence of it going back over 3,000 years, with hundreds of print titles available on magazine shelves, along with adult movie theaters still open for business. A true pornography addict would not be stopped by the elimination of the computer from their life; the only person who would benefit is Mr. Dennis, as these people become dependent upon him for their emotional well-being.

At the end of the discussions, the debates, and the arguments, Mr. Dennis’ position is simple: he wants to control his flock, and he has picked a word through which he can do so. He does not define the word, leaving it open to the imagination of those he seeks to control.

His crusade is not to protect his followers, but to control them.