Fox News Host Smacks Toddler In The Face With A Basketball, Blames The Child (VIDEO)

'Do you really feel that I was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?' - from grown man Brian Kilmeade. Screenshot.

‘Do you really feel that I was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?’ – from grown man Brian Kilmeade. Screenshot.

Fox News hosts are usually all for taking responsibility for their own actions; at least that’s what they expect everyone else to do. But when you decide to blame a child for getting hurt because of your own stupid action, you’ve stooped pretty low by even your own pathetic standards.

On Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends,” host Brian Kilmeade caused a child to cry after hitting the poor boy in the face with a basketball. Titus is a two-year-old YouTube sensation because of his trick shot prowess with a basketball. So Fox invited the tot to demonstrate his hoops ability on live television. Brian Kilmeade decided to get in on the act and made a bad pass to Titus. The ball unfortunately smacked the adorable youngster on the nose, causing him to burst into tears. It was clearly an accident, but it’s what Kilmeade did next that’s making the whole situation worse than it should have been.

According to Raw Story, Kilmeade shrugged and said “I don’t believe it.” The conservative channel then cut to commercial. Upon coming back, Kilmeade tried to blame the child for his misfortune, even though Kilmeade was the adult. Instead of manning up and accepting responsibility for accidentally hurting a two-year-old, Kilmeade asked a co-host :

“Do you really feel that I was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?”

Here’s the video:

Kilmeade could have just apologized and left it at that, or he could have at least looked like he felt bad about the whole thing. Instead he says “sorry” and then makes himself look like a disingenuous ass for implying it was the fault of the two-year-old for not paying attention.

Well, Kilmeade is a grown man. The accident was his responsibility. Just man up, take responsibility, and don’t be a jerk about it later. Is it really that hard? It’s Fox News so I guess it is.

For years, conservative hosts and their “fair and balanced” guests have been complaining about how Americans supposedly need to start taking responsibility for their own decisions. Then Brian Kilmeade comes along and shows us all how Fox hosts don’t practice what they preach. If it had been Kilmeade’s own child, would he have been such a jerk about the situation? Because it seems that when issues hit conservatives personally, that’s the only time they give a damn. If it’s their child starving, they’ll support food stamps. If it’s their child who is gay, they’ll support same-sex marriage. If it’s their child on the receiving end of gun violence, they’ll support gun control. But if it’s another person going through the same issues, conservative tend to turn a cold shoulder. It’s like conservatives are incapable of having empathy at all for others. If this incident on Fox News has taught us anything, it’s exactly that.