House Republicans Pander To Their Deeply Racist Base And Refuse To Take Up Immigration Reform

Immigration reform graphic with a broken heart

Image from immigration reform petition on Change.Org.

In June Republicans and Democrats in the Senate succeeded in passing their version of a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will fix the severely broken system. The bill was the first step towards legalizing some 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. It was also the first time lawmakers showed real progress in overhauling the system since Reagan’s amnesty bill in 1986 that legalized 3 million immigrants.

The Senate’s immigration reform bill would implement a mandatory e-verify system across the country; allow for more legal immigration of low- and high-skilled workers; and in time give legal status to the 11 million immigrants that have made the USA their homes.

Republicans most common argument against immigration reform, in both the House and Senate, is border security. They claim that the border is too porous, even though illegal crossing have dramatically decreased in recent years, and many have said they wouldn’t pass legislation without tougher security. With that in mind, amendments were added to the bill that would increase to number of border patrol agents to 41,000 and spend an additional $3.2 billion dollars on additions to that ‘damn fence’ and drone technology. All of the new security measures would have to be implemented first before any other portions of the bill could take effect.

So everything that Republicans have bitched about was taken care of in the Senate’s version of the bill. Billions of dollars in extra security agents and lots of new fencing to keep those ‘Messicans’ out. An e-verify system to keep the ‘illegals’ from stealing hardworking Americas’ jobs. Everything was peachy and although we knew the bill was sure to face some challenges in the House, everything seemed to be worked out in a mutually amicable agreement. HOORAY!

Unfortunately our elation has been short-lived. House Republicans announced yesterday, after two-and-a-half hour meeting on Capitol Hill,  that they will not be taking up comprehensive immigration reform. They apparently do not believe that comprehensive reform is necessary and will instead seek to fix the issue piece by piece. That’s right, they aren’t going to get it all out-of-the-way at once, they are going to pull it apart and insert as much right-wing hatred as possible into every separate piece of legislation. They may or may not try to pass some stuff in August and if we’re lucky they may take the issue up by September but they are in no rush. Why would they be? It’s not as if millions of lives hang in the balance.

Republicans made the decision to screw over America (once again) just hours after President George ‘Dubya’ Bush expressed his thoughts on immigration reform at a new citizen ceremony outside of Dallas at his presidential center.

“The laws governing the immigration system aren’t working,” Mr. Bush said. “The system is broken. We’re now in an important debate in reforming those laws. And that’s good.” Mr. Bush said he did not intend “to get involved in the politics or the specifics of policy. But I do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate, and I hope during the debate that we keep a benevolent spirit in mind and we understand the contributions that immigrants make to our country.” [SOURCE]

Bush has long been a proponent (the one thing he is right about) for immigration reform, even trying to get a similar bill passed during his presidency.

House Republican will hear none of it, though. Their defiance is still very strong even though the Republican National Committee has said backing immigration reform is crucial to the advancement of their party. They are of the mindset that immigration reform is not what their constituents want, that passing it won’t help them get reelected. Of course, we all know the most important thing when you are a politician is getting reelected, not doing something for the betterment of the country as a whole.

The problem for immigration reform advocates is they, very well may, be right. Republicans in the House are elected in districts that are heavily red. They fear that if they support an immigration bill that smells even slightly of amnesty, they will be voted out. The one thing that their racist constituents hate the most (besides the gays, Muslims, taxes, Liberals, flowers, the earth, happiness) is the thought that all of these ‘horrible, dirty, government leaching, Spanish-speaking, brown people’ being awarded their citizenship and taking over there bright white country. There is absolutely nothing real ‘Muricans hate more than change. They hate it and they fear it. So, with that in mind the American hating Republicans in the House have chosen to ignore every study that shows reform will be a much-needed positive for our country and instead pander to their xenophobic, hate filled base.

Representative Charlie Dent, Republican of Pennsylvania, showed just how completely clueless the right is with his opinion on the matter.

“Is this an issue that people care about? Yes. Is it one that keeps them up at night? Probably not.”[SOURCE]

This could absolutely not be less true. There are millions and millions of American families that are being torn apart by deportations of loved ones. Thousands of kids that have been turned into orphans. People like me, whose spouse is an immigrant, that stay awake night after night hoping our government will wake up and realize the importance of the matter. We had a little bit of hope and now the idiot Republicans in the House have dashed those hopes.

Well done Republicans, you have once again proved that you could care less about this country.