Walmart Asked Employees To Share Their ‘Positive’ Experiences…This Is What They Got (IMAGE)


Gawker has a campaign to allow Walmart workers to speak out against their working conditions and treatment, which has proved so successful that Walmart reportedly has ads taken out directly targeting Gawker readers. Yet, this isn’t the only place that Walmart workers have chosen to vent their frustrations with what is fast becoming recognized as one of the worst companies to work for in America. On the internal company website, Walmart created a post asking workers to share positive experiences. While there were many positive responses, there were some employees fed up with their experience that they decided to comment the truth of it — and the comments thread was, of course, leaked to Gawker:

It’s one thing for frustrated workers to vent anonymously to a media outlet; it’s another thing for workers to be so fed up that they disregard their instincts of self-preservation and vent their frustrations directly on the company’s internal website— and on a posting that asked them to “share your story about the real Walmart,” at that. Several people with access to Walmart’s employee site leaked us the comment section of that post.

– “I’ll say what needs to be said. Now this will probably get deleted but oh well. I feel as though walmart doesn’t care about their associates it’s all about the customers and profit now that’s fine I guess but without your associates you wouldn’t have customers. We’re all hard workers and it’s a shame that this company doesn’t appreciate that.”

– “Isn’t it funny that these stories ‘aren’t true,’ and yet many of us are too scared to post our disagreement, lest we lose our job? I read the Gawker reports: There’s not one bit of that that I haven’t experienced myself.” (Source)

The original post, linked above, contains an image with many more comments, both positive and negative. My personal favorite is the following, because it outlined exactly what Walmart is doing — and let them know they aren’t fooling anyone:

“I enjoy my job at Walmart, however I am curious why none of the issues that were raised in the Gawker article were addressed? To counter bad reviews with good reviews does not solve a thing in my book. Perhaps the right approach is to speak with your employees directly, this PR move is a bad one if you ask me.”

If Walmart actually wanted to improve themselves as an employer, they would have responded to widespread unrest and employee unhappiness with new policy. With this move, they have made it clear that they have no plan or motivation to actually improve anything at all. All they’re trying to do is dispute negative testimony, but this pointless PR stunt isn’t fooling anyone that isn’t already fooled.

Here’s the image from Gawker (click to enlarge):