House Democrat And Former Teacher Mark Takano Grades GOP Letter To John Boehner, Hilarity Ensues (IMAGE)

mark takano

House Republicans have been the laughingstock of the nation since the GOP/Tea Party took control of the House of Representatives back in 2010, but what one House Democrat did to embarrass them this week will make them even more so.

Democratic Representative Mark Takano of California was elected to the House in 2012. Before election night, he had been an English teacher for 24 years. So perhaps it was a matter of fate or plain old bad luck that Republicans would do something that would allow Takano to use his experience as a former teacher to thoroughly embarrass themselves.

In response to the major immigration reform bill passed by the US Senate, members of the House GOP decided to write a letter to Speaker John Boehner to decry the bill and convince him not to bring it up for a vote. Republicans circulated copies of their letter around the chamber in an effort to gather signatures of endorsement. But Mark Takano had a very different and brilliantly hilarious idea. He would grade their letter, complete with red ink, as a veteran teacher and post it on his tumblr page for all to see.

The results? Well, not so good. As it turns out, House Republicans, like many Tea Party supporters with error riddled signs, would totally fail high school English. Which is ironic, considering that Republicans want to make speaking English a requirement of immigrants who enter America.

First, Takano praises Republicans for writing a strong thesis. Unfortunately, it just gets worse from that first praise-worthy sentence. Takano chides Republicans for sounding like they support the Senate version of the immigration bill. He corrects the GOP claim that the bill is “1,000 pages” long by noting that it is actually “286 based on word count.” He also corrects their claim that Americans can’t find out what’s in the bill by noting that it can be found online (PDF). Then he calls them out for not having evidence of their claims, and for focusing more on procedure than actually addressing the policy. Finally, Takano slams Republicans for not saying anything about the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country.

In a blank space after the letter, Takano wrote that it was weak and that Republicans need to re-do their work. He also invited Republicans to drop by his office if they don’t understand the Senate bill. At the top of the letter he planted a big fat ‘F’ and requested that the authors see him after the votes.

Here is the letter, red ink and all, in its full entertaining glory:

In all seriousness, this is a major problem. While there are not any education requirements to become a congressman, one would at least expect Republicans of all people to know proper English and write decent letters. These are the same people who expect immigrants to know and speak English, yet they apparently don’t understand English either. It makes Republicans sound very hypocritical and reflects poorly on the seriously underfunded education system. It also demonstrates how Republicans are incapable of providing evidence to back up their positions.

By grading and posting the letter online, Rep. Mark Takano has performed an outstanding service to the public and has given the American people another reason to laugh at Republicans. This entertaining incident just proves that what we really could use more of in Congress are teachers with red pens to grade the shoddy work Republicans have been doing all these years so that Americans can actually see just how bad at their jobs Republicans are.